20+ FREE Adorkable DIY Cat Projects

With a clothing collection called Kittens and Cream, it’s pretty obvious I’m a cat lover. We currently have 3 little fur-balls at our house, but were actually up to 6 until a few took umbrage at Aurelia’s birth . (Trust me, it wasn’t a pretty sight. 😿) But regardless of their sassy attitudes, after bottle feeding  more than three sweet little furbabies, they’ve definitely managed to latch their little claws securly into my heart.

20+ diy projects for cat lovers

If you’ve also fallen hard for the furries in your life, these adorable (and aDORKable) DIY cat projects will have you purring with delight. 😻

20+ Free DIY cat crafts

1. Shrink Plastic Cat Lady Necklace – The Pink Samurai
2. Polymer Clay Neko Atsume Cats & Condo –  2 Cats & 1 Doll
3. Free Cat Cross-stitch Pattern – The Pink Samurai
4. Super Cute Cat Bookmarks –  Pink Stripey Socks

20+ Free DIY cat crafts
5. Perfectly Paw-fect Socks – Stitch & Pink
6. Simple Shrink Plastic Cat Earrings – The Pink Samurai
7.  Kitty Nose Leggings – Stitch & Pink
8. Cat Lady Embroidery Patterns – The Pink Samurai

20+ Free DIY cat crafts
9. Neko Atsume Plush Pattern – Choly Knight
10. Clay Kitty Coasters DIY – A Beautiful Mess
11. Crazy Cat Lady Tee – Minted Strawberry
12. Pretty Kitty Kit Hat Pattern – Little Red Window

20+ Free DIY cat crafts
13. Stuffed Kitty Pillow – The Crafted Sparrow
14. DIY Sweet Cat Shoes – Lu Loves Handmade
15. Black Cat Slouch Hat – Persia Lou
16. Pet Photo Pajamas – A Beautiful Mess

20+ Free DIY cat crafts
17. You’re Freakin Meow’t Tee – Persia Lou
18. Plastic Bottle Cat Planter –  Bru Diy
19. Sweet Kitten Amigurumi –  Lille Liis
20. Cat Silhouette Pillow Cases – The Junk Drunk

Looking for even more kitty projects?

I’ve totally got you covered!
Check out the more than 60 adorable free crafts on my DIY Cat Projects board and share the warm fuzzies with the cat lovers in your life.

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