One Cool Cat! – Ice Cream Kitty T-shirt

Ice Cream Kitty T-shirt from Stitch & Pink

Say hello to my Ice Cream Kitty Cones!!!

Cute right?
Would you believe this design actually started out as a Popsicle?

Yup. I was sketching up little popsicles with kitten ears and faces when Anthony gave me the side eye and said 😒”Isn’t you’re collection called kittens and CREAM? A popsicle doesn’t really count as ice cream does it?

Bleh, bleh, bleh – Mr. Smarty McButt.😝

So even though I thought my popsicle kitten was SUPER cute, I changed him to  an ice cream cone to appease the critics.

Ice Cream Kitty T-shirt from Stitch & Pink

Of course, if you let them think they’re right once, then the next thing you know they turn into insufferable know-it-alls.

You may remember my post on IG where I asked for help deciding whether to go with pink or blue text for the “Stay Cool!” part of the design.  Yeah – That was Ant too. I cut out the blue because “Hello! Cold things are blue.” when Ant sticks his nose in and says “Ya know – I think the yellow looks better with pink words.”

Ya know? Oh, I know a few things alright. . .😏

Ice Cream Kitty T-shirt from Stitch & Pink

Then the IG response ended up being pretty much 50/50, so he felt all validated in his opinion & what not.  Go figure!

In the end, I went ahead and added the option for pink or blue text to the shop just because they both matched so darn well with the other pieces. I’m not admitting anything, because that blue with those matching milkshake shorts just kills me with cuteness! 😍It’s pretty much perfection.

Ice Cream Kitty T-shirt from Stitch & Pink

But I gotta say that the pink does look pretty cute with the 2 Scoops sprinkle skirt too.

Maybe, just maybe, after 12 years of living together my design skills have finally started rubbing off on him. Yeah. . . let’s go with that.

Ice Cream Kitty T-shirt from Stitch & Pink

Anyway, this shirt was the reason behind those tutorials I shared a few weeks ago about making your own screen print frames, and stretching the silk screen fabric. I used those same frames to create this shirt!

First I started with a screen for the cone, and then printed the ice cream kitty head on top. Once the inks had dried and been heat set, I added the facial details and text next with a little bit of heat transfer vinyl. To be completely honest, I didn’t know how well it would work to layer one on top of the other, but after multiple washings, we’re still going strong!

Ice Cream Kitty T-shirt from Stitch & Pink

And there you have it, an adorable ice cream kitty!
Horray for cute experiments, and the random meddling of husbands I suppose. But honestly, before it starts looking like a scene from Sleeping Beauty around here, I simply must know!

Which team are you on – Pink or Blue?😉

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