The Smitten Kitten Dress

Smitten Kitten Dress from Stitch & Pink

It’s pretty obvious why I named this one the Smitten Kitten Dress.
I mean. . . Can you even handle the cuteness?🐱

This adorable quirky fabric was actually the inspiration for the entire Kittens and Cream collection. Before I had any idea what this would turn into, all I knew was that my debut collection needed to be totally “ME“. Sure, I rambled on awhile ago about market research, and giving the customer what they want & all that – which is still totally important! But deep down I knew I also had to do all that stuff MY WAY.

Smitten Kitten Dress from Stitch & Pink

If you’ve been around for even the shortest amount of time, you’ve probably noticed that there’s a pretty distinct “Style” to Stitch and Pink – for lack of a better word. It’s hard to describe (even for me!) but there’s a cute, fanciful, quirky, colorful, crazy, little bit feminine, but also a little bit childish, combo mash-up thing goin’ on. Add to that my perfectionist tendencies, kinda frazzled-ness, and curiosity to try new things, and it’s just a whole hot mess of . . . Me. 😄

And when I saw these vintage looking pastel kittens, it was like seeing all my quirkiness woven into fabric. That’s weird right? But also kinda freakin’ cool!

Smitten Kitten Dress from Stitch & Pink

I knew a print that amazing would need to be shown off by a very simple, sweet little silhouette, and the Caroline Party Dress from Mouse House Creations came to mind immediately. I’ve made this  dress once before, and Hayley has done an amazing job creating a sleek customizable design that really lets you showcase your most gorgeous fabrics.

Add an adorable little bow belt, and this Smitten Kitten Dress really brings together the simple  – but still slightly frilly style that really personifies Stitch and Pink for me.

Smitten Kitten Dress from Stitch & Pink

Don’t get me wrong! I absolutely adore cute girly-girl stuff. But I don’t feel that throwing 40 ba-jillion ruffles and 20 different floral prints at a single outfit necessarily makes it cuter. Does that make sense? What do you call a “classy” kind of weird?

This is me. And if you “get it” we can be goofy together!😆

If you don’t…well, that’s ok. There are already hundreds of shops out there that are creating adorable boho-chic rompers. You can literally take your pick.

And if you happen to be creatively inclined, why not get yourself a copy of the Caroline Party Dress pattern and make one that’s totally YOU! There’s even a matching adult version!

Smitten Kitten Dress from Stitch & Pink

And just when you thought I couldn’t get anymore awesome – I actually checked in with Hayley yesterday and confirmed that she will definitely be having a 35 % off holiday sale.  (coupon code: BOOM) There’re no more excuses!!! It’s time to show your style!

Now the bad news – Because I’ve been working on this collection for so long, the folks at Alexander Henry went and discontinued my kitten fabric. They’ve still got a few yards of the black and blue versions, but my precious pink is gone for good. Bummer.

Smitten Kitten Dress from Stitch & Pink

The good news! (did you really think I only had bad news?!?)
The good news is that I anticipated this disappearance and stashed away 10 yards of the pink kittens – Just in case.  So now instead of being lost for good, You can still get the Smitten Kitten Dress in the shop as a Limited Edition. (Extra 20% off this week!) Yay! I won’t be cutting into my stash until I know exactly what sizes ya’ll want, but remember there will be no more than 10 dresses total. And between you and me. . .I’m pretty sure Aurelia calls dibs on the first one.😊

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