After tons of running around this morning, I just wanted to crash this afternoon when I laid Tiny Tart down for her nap. I pushed through it though and found a whole bunch of new projects to add to my to do list.

Since I had all the materials close at hand I decided to make some more simple hair clips. This set is really quick and easy, just a few circles and leaves cut from felt and glued to a snap clip with a button. I’m pretty sure you guys can figure out how to put them together just by looking at them, but if not, let me know.

Tomorrow is our major move-out cleaning day, where I get to scrub the kitchen top to bottom (lucky me). I’m not looking forward to seeing the hairballs that have collected behind the fridge and stove, but with 5 cats (2 long haired) it is kinda inevitable. My dreams will surely be filled with a flat-top stove and a self cleaning oven.

Please ignore the busted up eye and also the sauce
on her cheek. (you know how toddlers are)

Now I’m finally off to take that nap. Maybe when I wake up Ant will already have everything clean! (Hey, I can dream.) Hopefully your weekend plans are much more fun than mine. Until tomorrow…

♥Momma Tart

Running Tally:
#16 – Circle Felt Flower Hair Clips

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