An “Alarm”ing Evening

I think that the universe really had it in for us last night. Tiny Tart was already asleep, and Ant and I were getting ready for bed (around 9:30ish) when the fire alarm went off for our building. This alarm is no ringing bell like what I remember from middle school, but 4 different screeching squeal-beep sirens all going at the same time. Listening to it really makes you think that your ears are going to bleed. The most amazing part though is that Tiny slept right through it! And, this sound is impossible to drown out. There are 2 alarms in our 1 bedroom apartment, and even more running down the hallway.

We watched out the window for fire trucks and checked the halls for smoke but saw nothing. After 20 min. the noise started to hurt our heads so badly that we were forced to go outside and wait. Tiny didn’t wake up until we were on our way down the stairwell. She was wrapped in 2 blankets with a beanie on and just looked at me like “What the heck did you get me up for?” Eventually after another 20 min. or so, and the police asking us to call someone for help, a maintenance man finally arrived to show the firemen where to turn the alarm off. (The system evidently overheated because the A/C in the electronics room is on its last leg.)

Once everything was straightened out, it took us until after 11 to get Tiny to go back to sleep. Thats when you get in bed and think “It was a fluke, stuff like that never happens.” Until 4am when someone outside your window starts laying on their horn. It wasn’t a car alarm, or even a “get out of the way” honk, but a full fledged lay on the horn for minutes at a time event! This went on for almost a half an hour before the cops showed up and made them stop. When I looked out the window there were 2 cars right next to each other (in the middle of the road) both facing the same direction. I have no idea what it was all about, but I also can’t come up with any situation that would elicit this response either. I even checked if it was a full moon!

So, in light of these events, and the fact that I have not been able to sleep in for the past few weekends, I took the day off. Instead of trying to find a project to work on, I packed. A lot. This is now what my living room looks like.

I am specifically proud of the unfolded laundry in the corner, and the dirty pillow in the middle of the floor. Countdown to the new apartment…12 days!

Have a good night. Hopefully it is peaceful. 🙂

♥Momma Tart

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