Cracking Up! – Crochet Eggs

Yup, that sounds eggs-actly like what is happening to me, lol. Sorry, I just couldn’t resist. 
Crochet eggs
Anyway, Tiny Tart got a kitchen for Christmas and needed some play food to go with it. I hate the cheap plastic food that they sell in the toy stores, and just happen to have a plethora of yarn that I didn’t know what to do with. 
Voilà… machine washable eggs!
Comparison between crochet eggs and real eggs
This wonderful crochet pattern was made by the lovely Rachel Choi and is available for free at the crochetspot or also on ravelry. I have tried many other egg patterns, but they never seem to turn out right. This one is perfect, and the same size as a real egg. They are super quick to whip up, and would be perfect in different colors as toddler friendly Easter eggs.  Give them a try and let me know what kind of wacky creations you come up with!
Half dozen crochet eggs
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Running Tally:
#2 – Half dozen crochet eggs

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