“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are”

I came across this quote today and feel that it really speaks to the current direction of my life as well as my crafts! In the past few years my husband and I seem to have been putting off our life until “later”. This later is sometimes, when we have a house, when Ant gets a new job, or just when Tiny Tart gets a little bit bigger. I really started to think that life was passing me by, and that is why I started this blog. It kinda makes me hold myself accountable for having a life and doing something with it!

Unfortunately, because my husband is less than thrilled with our current situation, it is hard to have a “life” as a family. So, I made it part of my New Year’s resolutions to go out into the world and explore together. Now that Tiny is able to eat “regular” food, and only needs one nap during the day, places like the zoo, aquarium, arboretum, or children’s museum aren’t out of the question. My goal is to make on “big” outing a month along with the standard trips to the library and playground. That may not sound like much, but considering that Tiny didn’t go to a restaurant until she was 14 months, it is pretty impressive for us. 

Since January has been so snowy, and hectic with the move, we didn’t manage to venture out. I’m hoping February will be better and we can take Tiny to the Please Touch Museum in the city. It looks like a lot of fun!

In the craft department, I have a similar problem. Something akin to commitment phobia, I just can’t seem to use any of my supplies! It starts with the fabric. “What if I cut up this beautiful fabric and then don’t like what I made and wish I had done something else?” (Most of my fabric I have had for ages and can no longer be found to just go get more.) I’m not sure when this started, because in school I used to just start chopping, and fiddling until everything worked out. Other things are easier. “If I hate this (hat, sock, scarf) I’ll just unravel it and still have the yarn.”

Being able to share my creations with someone else (who can appreciate it…cats, toddler, and hubby are naturally excluded) will hopefully make this a bit easier. 

As you can see I am not in danger of running out of supplies any time soon, (Though I always seem to be missing one crucial item!) and I have notebooks filled with ideas on how to use them. It seems to be time to jump in feet first and . . .

“Do what I can, with what I have, where I am”

I’m going to continue with the small projects until I can get that closet mess sorted out and under control! (Everything in there is craft related.) Then I will hopefully be able to move on to bigger and better things (ie. more complicated). 

Today I’m just going to prove how much I really dislike cold weather, and attempt to fend off the frostbite! (I know, I know, so dramatic.) This is not a new or particularly creative project, but it is effective. Rice-filled Hand Warmers! yeah!

I’m sure most of you have used something very similar before if you don’t already own your own set. It’s just a little bean bag filled with dry rice, beans, corn, flaxseed, oats, etc. that you can heat in the microwave and use to keep you warm for hours. I have a large one that you can wrap around your neck, back, or belly to get rid of pains. Perfect for tight muscles, and cramps, or heating your feet at bed time, but they can also be put in the freezer to make an “ice pack”. Great for kids “boo-boos” and it won’t drip or be too cold to touch. 

(I used mine while I was pregnant to help with the stretching tendons and the early contractions. Would probably work on the ankles too, but I didn’t have that problem.)

The thing is they are really easy to make. Just grab any cotton fabric. (Man-made fibers could melt in the microwave, but towels, washcloths; even old miss-match socks are perfect.) Decide what area of your body you would like to use it on and cut the fabric to the appropriate size. (Fold a washcloth in half for a small one, or a tea towel long ways for a “neck wrap”.) I cut 2 small rectangles from a bit of flannel I had so that they would be just the size of my hands, and easy to fit in my coat pockets. 

Next fold each rectangle in half, right sides together, and sew along 2 of the sides. (Follow the blue dashed line.)

Now just turn your bag right side out, and fill with your chosen material (I used plain white rice. (Half full so that it would flatten to fit in my pocket.) And add any “flavor” you might like. This could be essential oils, ground potpourri, lavender buds, sage, or even your favorite tea leaves. Stitch closed the opening with small stitches (gotta keep in the rice) and pop it in the microwave for 30 sec. at a time until it reaches your desired warmth. Due to the differences in  “fillings” and microwave settings, this could be between 1 and 3 min. 

 Since it is snowing again, and I still haven’t cleaned off the foot we got yesterday, I’m sure these will be very handy when I go to dig out my car in the morning! Stay warm & Happy Friday!

♥Momma Tart

Running Tally:
#28 – Flannel Hand Warmers 

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