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My last post brought up a good question. Does a half dozen eggs count as 1 project or 6? Honestly, I hadn’t thought about it, but I think that a set should count as 1 item. I wouldn’t make a pair of hair clips and count them as 2, or count a bag of french fries as a seperate 15. But, I think at the end of the day it depends how far behind I am. 😉
I also never explained that 365 doesn’t necessarily mean 1 per day. I’m realistic enough to know that we are going to have sick, travel, or just plain lazy days. For that reason I may make 2 or even 3 projects on a certain day, which brings me to today’s project. 
Crochet play food vegetables
I was inspired by the eggs to see just how far I could take crochet food, and discovered that it is possible to make almost anything. My lot includes a carrot, tomato, ear of corn, turnip, and green beans which turned out super cute! I modified the leaves of the turnip and carrot to be more toddler friendly, and made up the patterns for the corn, tomato, and green beans. Go ahead and try one. They look even cuter with little eyes & cheeks!
green beans:
Magic ring 4 
single crochet stitches worked round & 
round as long as you’d like the bean. 

Crochet turnip play food

turnip leaves:
I crochet these right onto the top of the turnip.
Pick a stitch around the center where you would like a leaf to “sprout” from. Insert your hook & pull up a loop, yo and pull through fist loop. Now you can start the first leaf. 
*ch5, sk 1 st, dc, hdc, hdc, sc, sl st into turnip.* sl st again & repeat around  slipping extra stitches between leaves if necessary or desired.
Crochet carrot play food

carrot leaves: 
ch X number of stitches,
skip the first chain from the hook and hdc until the last stitch
sl st last stich.
Repeat using a different number in place of X.
(I think I used 6, 8, and 6, but you could make them as long or short as you’d like.)
Crochet tomato play food

Inc = make 2 sc in 1 st.
Dec = draw up a loop in each of the next 2 st. then yo & drw through all 3 loops.

Magic ring 6
rd 2: Inc in each st. (12)                                                   
rd 3: *Inc 1, sc 1* repeat around (18)
rd 4: *Inc 1, sc 2* repeat around (24)
rd 5: *Inc 1, sc 3* repeat around (30)
rd 6: *Inc 1, sc 4* repeat around (36)
rd 7-11: sc around
rd 12: *Dec 1, sc 4* repeat around (30) 
rd 13: *Dec 1, sc 3* repeat around (24)
rd 14: *Dec 1, sc 2* repeat around (18)
rd 15: *Dec 1, sc 1* repeat around (12)
rd 16: Dec 6 
fasten off
tomato leaves:
ch 4
skip 1 st
sc 4 in each stitch
I am still working on the pattern for the corn since the leaves are not exactly as I would like, but hopefully I can put those directions up soon. 
Crochet corn play food
**My orange, red, and dark green are all sport weight (guess I don’t know how to read labels : ) so the veggie are smaller than if you use regular worsted weight yarn. Just make sure whichever size yarn you choose, you also use the corresponding hook size.
***If you see any errors (or need clarification) please feel free to let me know!
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Running Tally:
#3 – Crochet carrot
#4 – Crochet tomato
#5 – Crochet corn
#6 – Crochet green beans

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