I felt it! Part 1

I know I was supposed to be finishing up with the kitchen cleaning today, but it just wasn’t working. Instead I decided to pack up anything that wasn’t essential for living through the next 4 days. My plan is to work on the remaining scrub work a little at a time until Friday. Then when this is all over I am going to the spa darn it. Maybe I can even pull that as a Valentine’s Day present. (Well deserved I think!)

I also found time today to make a few projects that will help get me ahead in case of any pending computer and/or unpacking issues. The felt hair clips from Friday inspired me to do an image search about all the different varieties of felt flowers. Some of the possibilities were very impressive. So I decided to make a few items that could be used for hair clips, headbands, brooches, or additions to any number of other projects. (bags, wall art, scrapbooks, hats, shoes, toys, wreaths, pillows, on and on)

I labeled them in an attempt to make both our lives simpler.

A. Carnation-like flower – great tutorial here.

C. Rolled Rosettetutorial here (mine still seems to be missing something.)
B. Bows

First cut out 2 strips of felt. These can be any size, but the smaller strip should measure half the width of the larger.

1 inch by 4 1/4 inches
1/2 inch by 2 inches (may be trimmed later)

(My finished bow is 1 inch tall and 2 1/4 inches long)

Wrap the longer strip into a loop, overlapping about a 1/4 inch, and glue or stitch.

(Use glue sparingly or you may have trouble pinching the loop into a bow shape later.)

Flatten your loop and center your stitch (or glue) line.

Fold the stitch area into a hill and then valley shape and pull a stitch through these pinched folds.

Attach the small strip with a dab of glue on the top of the bow towards the back.

Now wrap the strip around snugly and secure with more glue on the back. (trim any excess)

 D. Circle Petal Flowers

Cut out circles for the number of petals you would like your flower to have. (I used 6 traced from a quarter.)

Fold each circle into a “taco” shape and thread onto a needle about 1/8 of an inch in from the edge and 1/8 up from the fold.

After all of the petals are on the thread stitch back through the first petal in the same spot and pull the circle tight and fasten.

Adjust the petals and adorn with buttons, beads, etc.

*I have seen examples where a bead was placed inside the “taco” fold and stitched through. (through felt then bead then other side of felt.) really cute.*

E. & F. Clover and Star Flowers

This one the paper cutting is harder than the actual construction.

Start with a square (slightly larger than the size flower you are making nothing perfect)

Fold in half once and then again until you have a smaller square.

Fold this square in half to make a diamond shape. (Make sure the folded point that is the center of the original square stays at the bottom. Like making a paper snowflake.)

Now cut out the shape you prefer. (You may need to try a few times to get it just right.)

Red line – clover
Blue line – star

Now I believe that it has taken me longer to write about them then it has for me to have actually made them, but at least I feel better that I won’t fall behind during this move. Please let me know if any of my instructions are unclear.

♥Momma Tart

Running Tally:
#17 – Felt Carnation Flower
#18 – Felt Bows
#19 – Felt Rolled Rosette
#20 – Felt Circle Petal Flower
#21 – Felt Clover Flower
#22 – Felt Star Flower

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