I hate cleaning!!!

How in the world could it possibly take an entire day just to clean an oven? And we still aren’t done! I still can’t believe how many pieces the stove breaks down into. This was a hardcore clean. Besides just taking off the burners (4 pieces each) and racks, I took off the whole door, the broiler (and pan), the bottom of the oven, the knobs, and more! My fingers have been prune-y most of the day from all the scrubbing I’ve done. I started out with gloves on, but they are too big so it’s more of a hassle than a help. I vow to henceforth wipe out the oven every week and clean the stove top every day (or make Ant do it!) I know that will never last, but maybe I can just wrap the whole thing in aluminum foil. 

Fortunately, Ant did help. He pulled out the fridge and cleaned behind it and the sides, he pulled out the dishwasher and got the dust bunnies, and he wiped down most of the cabinet. I’m starting to think that those were all ways to put off putting some elbow grease into the oven though. Guess I’ll just have to take what I can get. At least he made dinner (cheeseburgers which dirtied up the stove again, lol). 

Tomorrow I will hopefully have time to make double crafts to make up for todays slacking. We only have the 4 burner cage things and the 2 racks left, but I can see those taking forever too. I can’t help but think that even after all this work, the mtg. people are still going to say that it wasn’t good enough and charge us anyway. Then I may have to strangle them!

Well, goodnight. I’ll try to bring back the fun tomorrow.

♥Momma Tart

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