(Late) Tasty Tuesday – Sausage Soup

I know, it isn’t Tuesday, but with everything that has been going on I seem to have misplaced a day or two. Let’s just pretend (for now) that I’m not losing my mind. The pictures for this recipe were ready days ago when Ant asked me to post it, and I still forgot!

Anyway, I love to make soups! I never actually eat them, but for some reason they are fun to make, and always turn out amazing. This is one of Ant’s favorites (doesn’t take much, especially with sausage) from souporsweets on all-recipes.com

Super-Delicious Zuppa Toscana

I absolutely love the all-recipes website! It’s like the worlds most helpful cookbook.  Find any dish you can think of, know the calorie count, and I can easily change the serving size on a recipe to make just enough for 2 people. There is even a place to leave yourself notes about thing to change for next time. Now all I need is an Ipad so I don’t have to run back and forth to the computer! (I know, I could print it, but that’s a waste.)

Anyway, this soup is pretty easy and the leftovers reheat well from the fridge. It never lasts long enough so I haven’t tried freezing, (freezing cream makes me leery) but I have seen reviews that say it works well. You can also use frozen spinach in a pinch. We add the spinach in per bowl, so you can use as much or as little as you like and it won’t be too soggy in the leftovers.

Now maybe I can get myself back on track. Enjoy!

♥Momma Tart

Running Tally:
#25 – Zuppa Toscana

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