Moving (Jump Started)

We were scheduled to sign the lease tomorrow morning, but the people at the management office heard that they are calling for snow so they asked us to come in today. It was a little last min. so there wasn’t time for a craft today. Tomorrow is not looking so good either since we will be moving the computer and TV systems to the new place and trying to make sure it is all hooked up right. (meaning ANT will be hooking stuff up, and I will be ferrying the random small items that fit in the car and watching the kid.)

Saturday my Dad and brother will be coming up to help with the moving of the larger furniture and the standard boxes that will go quickly on the dolly. I can’t tell you how much I love that I get to opt out of this because someone has to keep track of Tiny Tart! Too bad it means I get to clean instead. Hopefully, everything will be set up properly and unpacked enough for me to get back into the projects by Monday. 

I have tons of ideas for decorating the new place (especially Tiny’s room) so stop back and see what I come up with! (*sneak peek* bunting, contact paper, pegboard, toilet paper tubes, and pot and pans are all part of the plan)

Be back soon!
♥Momma Tart

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