When I started this blog I was so excited that I wrote four posts days before I ever started posting. Partly because I wanted to make sure I knew what I was doing, and also because I wanted to start on the 1st of the year. Now as I really get into it, I’m getting all mixed up. I currently do the project and type everything the day before, and then post it in the morning. For crafting this isn’t a problem, but if I happen to write anything about daily life, it can be confusing. So, I’ve decided that from this point on I’m going to post at night before I go to bed. Then my husband will still have a chance to “proof-read” for me, and the posts wont be a day behind what is actually going on. 

Since I have to take the car to the shop first thing in the morning and then get groceries whenever they are done fixing me up, I’m not planning on a project for tomorrow. Luckily I’m already ahead a few because of the crochet food, but i’m also going to double post about what I worked on today. 
Let me start by saying that today was a snow day for us and it has totally thrown me off! I am a pretty routine person, and every Friday morning, TT and I go to Target, then the grocery store, and are home right in time for lunch. Every week, just like clock work. The morning started when Tiny woke up at 6am (ugh, an hour & a half early!) It was one of those “it’s too early to get up but too late to go back to sleep” situations. My solution is to roll over and ignore her for 45 min. (Yes, I know I am a terrible parent.)
After we finally got up and had breakfast, Ant calls to say that the inch of snow outside is “slippy, and terrible, and all around yuck!” “Fine honey, we’ll stay home and I’ll do the shopping tomorrow” (eye roll). I do a few loads of laundry, TT goes down for her nap and I think to myself, “self, I am gonna bust out today’s project before Tiny wakes up for lunch. yeah!” (cut cut, sew sew, fluff fluff, WTF?) 
These are the ends of what should be small fabric balls.
Who fell asleep at the wheel? “Oh no, not me”
I have no idea what I was thinking. After I saw it I realized that I did all the steps out of order and must have been sewing on total auto pilot. Just another crafting cautionary tale. One day you too may achieve this glory! Now let me show you what I should have done. 

First print out the pattern. (I’m all for copy and paste) *This does not have seam allowance (s/a) added.* You must add on whatever suits you best.(I did 1/4 inch.) If your shape prints at just under 8 inches, your ball will be the size of a large grapefruit. If it prints larger or smaller, don’t worry. It is the degree of the angle that is important. You can add or subtract from the original as long as you do so equally the entire way around. Everything will still work out. 

I have no idea where in the web I found this, but i’m not convinced that you can’t copyright math so i’m going with it. Bless you if you are the one who made it. Moving on.
Once you have the pattern at your desired size, and have added the s/a, cut out 6 pieces from your fabric. Mine will be an alternating “stripe”.
With 2 pieces, right sides together, stitch along one curved side. 
Open what will now look like a pita, and add another piece (right sides together) along one of the unsewn edges. When you are done you should have 3 strips sewn together that form a bowl shape. Clip the s/a along both seams so the seams won’t buckle when turned right side out. Repeat the same process with the remaining 3 pieces (remembering any pattern you started).
Now place your 2 bowls, one inside the other with the right sides together. Stitch around the new edge, making sure to leave a 2 inch (ish) gap a quarter turn from where the points meet on one end (either one). Snip around the new seam, turn right side out,stuff firmly, and stitch up the gap. You might want to refer to the blind stitch from a few days ago.
If everything goes well, you end up with this, and you won’t even have to try twice. 
Now go forth and make rattles and taggie balls until your heart is content!
♥Momma Tart
Running Tally:
#11 – Fabric Balls

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