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Yesterday I finally stocked up on boxes so that I can finish packing up the apartment. We officially have less than 20 days to move out, and still haven’t finalized where we are moving to!! Way to wait until the last min. I know, but with the holidays and Ant still not sure if he got a new job, things are a bit confusing. This is definitely not like me. I’m such a planner I had my bags pack for college less than a month after graduating high school, and that included every toiletry you could ever need!

The problem started when Ant had a very promising job interview in early Dec. and we were planning to move to D.C. (They were telling him to find a new apartment there!) We found out a week before Christmas that he “got the job if it still exists”. What the heck is that?? Evidently, the contract for the work Ant would be doing had not been signed before they started looking for a candidate to fill the position. At the last min. the Company had internal issues and refused to sign the contract. Now it is the week before Christmas and everyone working in apartment leasing offices is on vacation until after the New Year. Just my luck!
Hanging tissue paper pom poms
Fortunately the “back-up plan” apartment we hope to move to is somewhere we already lived during college. There are 2 towers of apartments so they will hopefully have something available. It isn’t the “nicest” place, but we can wing it. It is cheaper then our current apt. and Aurelia will finally get her own room. If we only get a 6 month lease, maybe the Company will finally sign and we can move to D.C. by next summer.
Anyway, Crafts. I know, that’s what this is all about. I have been thinking a lot about Reli finally getting her own room. I never got a chance to jazz up a nursery when she was born, so I wanted to make the new place special in a way that was also temporary and easy to pack up.
Tissue paper pom poms at Pom Love etsy shop
    Picture from PomLove
I ♥LOVE♥ Etsy and go there almost everyday looking for inspiration. Recently I have been totally addicted to the tissue paper pom-poms (like those found at PomLove). I remember making very similar carnation flowers as a kid and decided to give it a try. They would look awesome hanging from Aurelia’s ceiling in different sizes and colors.
Pink, green, white and teal tissue paper
I had to search four different stores for the colors that I wanted, but eventually I had my tissue paper. (Walmart & Target both have an assortment, but different shades, The dollar store had mostly prints and white, and Joann’s had . . . nothing.) This has to be one of the easiest crafts ever, made with the cheapest materials, but they just turn out so cute! I don’t really think there is any strict directions you have to follow, but this is what I did.
Most of my paper is 20×23 inches, (I’m not sure if there is a standard) but if the layers don’t exactly match up, no problem. You are going to cut the ends off anyway, so don’t drive yourself crazy. After laying everything out flat, I piled 6 sheets together and folded them “hamburger” style (short sides together). Then I cut on the fold and now had a pile of 12 sheets.
Tissue flower tutorial
Then you just start folding from the short side. The folds should go in a zigzag pattern (hill, valley, hill, valley). I didn’t measure, just kept folding back & forth at about a 1/2 inch. At the other end I found the center by folding the length in half and wrapped it a few times with thread before knotting. Some people use wire, but I used what I had. Trim the ends into points, curves, or whatever.
unfluffed tissue paper pom poms
folded tissue paper pom poms
Now you just have to fluff. Carefully peel one layer of tissue up from the others and pull it up from the center. You can see that I made mine different lengths, widths, and even layered different colors together. Not every pom is made of 12 sheets either. Smaller poms have less area to fill so I used less layers. Think 6 for tiny & 12 for large. Anything else just experiment until you have something you like. If you hate it, just snip the thread & try again! Good Luck!
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Running Tally:
#8 – Tissue Paper Pom-Poms
Update – They’re finally installed:
Tissue paper pom poms hanging from the ceiling
The tape isn’t really that visible, and I think I need more green.
Also, the big blue, pink/green, and white/blue are stuck flat to the wall. 

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