We’re Here (Finally!!)

We are now in our new apartment, and everyone is fine and in one piece, but it must be said … I Never Want To Move Again!!

This was probably the most disastrous weekend that I have ever had! My life is starting to remind me of those movies where everything that can go wrong does. Those type of movies always end happily, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I’ll give a short rendition of the latest events. 

The first problem actually started on friday night. The elevator broke down. If you have ever moved into an apartment without one, I don’t need to explain how frustrating (and painful) it is to have to lug a sofa down from the third floor using the stairwell. I called the Mtg. office friday afternoon to see if it was getting fixed and they said “they are just testing it. It’ll be working soon.” (Huge sigh of relief). An hour later they call me back “You were right, it is really broken, but we did call and tell the elevator man to come look at it.” (6pm on a friday night, you think he’ll show?) Luckily, he did come the next morning and fix it before we started to move the sofa. (We had already loaded most of the boxes, but oh well!)

Now the second (and most major) issue. I dropped my husband off at the U-haul place at 7am. Everything is fine, they have the reservation, “Be careful Honey, I’ll see you at home.” I pull into the parking lot 10 min. later and start getting Tiny out of the car seat. My phone rings (my husband in a “girl who just saw a snake” voice) “I have an emergency! There has been an accident!” “Ok, just breath. Calm down. What happened?” “I hit a car!” “…(wondering why he is flipping out)…O..k..well, you got the insurance, so everything is going to be ok. Do you need me to come back? Where are you?” “Yes, please come back, I’m at the U-haul place” “Ok, give me 5 min.”
(I drive over wondering how bad this could be that he is having such a fit. I pull in and see a truck missing it’s headlight. Not so bad.) 
“Are you ok? Just breath. Did you call the cops?” “Yes, they are coming. I don’t know what happened I just lost control!” “Ok, where did it happen?” (the store is at an intersection, and he points across the street less than a block away at a parked car.) “See that black car?” “Yes.” “Ok, that one and the one in front of it.” 

After everything is said and done, (me making 3 trips back and forth, my brother watching Tiny, and my dad driving the new U-haul) finally at 10am, the policewoman gives Ant a ticket for reckless driving that may suspend his license for 6 months. He actually hit 3 parked cars and pushed the last one into a fourth! I have no idea how he managed this, but 2 are pretty much totaled (needing the entire left side replaced), and one was up on the sidewalk! The owner of the first one (needing a new mirror and front fender) actually thanked Ant for reporting it, because she has been hit twice before when no one stepped up. I have no idea how this will play out insurance wise, but he will not be driving our car for quite some time.

During his time pacing, waiting for the cops, Ant also lost his wedding ring in the snow. It is insured, but the branch we bought it from closed down. Now we have to go to Delaware to pick up a new one!

Next, I lost my keys. Not a big deal, I figured they were in the mess of boxes now stacked in our new living room. (I’ll use Ant’s since he won’t need then.) To bad the keys to the old apt. were still attached and need to be turned in on Tuesday. I searched the parking lot three times, but eventually found them hours later in the kitchen behind a box. 

Then, I hung a blanket over Tiny’s bedroom window only to find that there is a inch gap where the window won’t shut (too much paint), and freezing wind is blowing inside. This is true for 2 other windows in the apartment.

There are also major drafts around all the A/C units. So I spent the evening plugging up any holes I could find with lengths of fabric I had around the house. (No Tarts were harmed from the cold, and it was all fixed this morning.)

Thank goodness the biggest problems I have had today are a kid who won’t nap, a migraine, and finding a pair of socks. With just the normal stress of unpacking and adjusting to a new house, I don’t know how much more I can take. 

Needless to say I did not make any crafts today, but I did hang the pom-poms that I made Tiny earlier this month. I’ll add a picture as soon as I find the box with the camera in it!

Tomorrow morning we have a Dr. appointment for TT and the official “move-out, turn in the keys” walk through at the old apartment. Wish me luck, and everyone cross their fingers that my bad luck is finally over!!

♥Momma Tart

ETA – Later when I tried to put dinner in the oven, I found that the gas line is clogged. I will have to wait for it to be cleaned or replaced! Guess we’re ordering pizza. Why me?

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