Who am I & What am I doing here?

Happy New Year’s!
Hello everyone, My name is Toni and this is my very first blog post. How exciting!! I live in Philadelphia with my husband Anthony (hahaha yes we have the same name, but I call him Ant) and our daughter Aurelia.  Thats it! 
No, not really, but the quick run-down on who I am & why I’m here could still take a week to explain. I’ll try to keep it as short as possible. Let me just back up a bit…
Ant & I met on a weekend trip to Venice while we were both studying abroad in Rome. He was an Architect, I was a Fashion Designer, and we didn’t even know we attended the same school back home. Fast forward through the rest of college and a few apartments, the next thing I know we are back in Venice getting married and spending 2 months traveling Europe! That was almost 2.5 years ago and we have since added a baby to the crew. 
Aurelia (15 mo.) is essentially my entire reason for being here. Before she was born I decorated windows, mannequins, and other displays at a local retail store. It wasn’t a glamorous job, but it was something that I was good at. I never had aspirations to be the next Vera Wang or anything, and I couldn’t tell you why I chose to major in Fashion. All I really knew was that I wanted to be a stay at home mom when the time came. And that is exactly what I am now. A very bored stay at home mom!
My family tried to warn be but I said “Heavens no! It will be tons of fun non-stop!” What the heck was I thinking? What do you do when the kid is napping or playing quietly? I’ll tell you… I have no idea! My first thought was clean. I probably don’t have to tell you how long that one lasted. I’m not much of a shopper, so that was out. Next I decided to make clothes, but she grows too quickly, and I’m shrinking too slowly, lol. So in the end I read. In the last year, I finished over 70 books before I started to run out of things that kept my interest. 
Now, in an attempt not to become a computer game addicted, TV possessed, never leave my chair-type of mom, I’ve come up with a plan. I hope to create 365 “crafts” over the next year.   I use the word crafts loosely, because I consider anything creative to be a craft. My projects could include anything from jewelry, clothing, recipes, crochet, woodworking, sewing, painting, paper craft, quilting, gardening, knitting, and soap making, to infinity & beyond!
So, stick around and see just how behind I get. You might learn something useful, see something cute, or just have a good laugh as I try my hardest just to crack the first 100. 
Have a safe Holiday, and Welcome to Sugar Tart Crafts!
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