Spring in the Snow

Woke up this morning to a fresh 12 – 18 inches of snow! Thank goodness Tiny Tart is too small to really care about going out in it, because I’m sure staying indoors today! It does look pretty though (on the other side of the window). 

Since I wasn’t going to the market, I should have been doing laundry today, but instead I decided to sort through our plethora of books (7 boxes worth) to decide which need to go on the shelves, and which can be packed away. Ant favors “coffee table” architecture books which really serve no purpose right now since Tiny would just shred them. I on the other hand have tons of paperback teeny-bopper fantasy books that I probably won’t read again anytime soon, but can save for the kids. What’s left is a handful of crafting books, a few favorites, and the leftovers that we haven’t read yet. Thankfully I have started going to the library once a week to feed my addiction, because those things sure get heavy en-mass! 

Anyway, the project for today uses something that I know everyone has in their home …. cardboard toilet paper tubes! I have seen new ads for tubeless rolls, but until that really picks up this is an awesome way to put them to use. 

Inexpensive Wall Art!

I recently stumbled across the idea at Homemade Mamas but if you Google toilet paper tube wall art, you can find some downright amazing ideas. Mine are nowhere near as elaborate as those, but they look cute in Tiny’s room. Here’s what I did…

– Cardboard tubes (paper towels, toilet paper, aluminum foil, plastic wrap)
– a ruler
– a pencil (pen, writing utensil)
– scissors
– paint
– brushes
– plate to mix paint on
I also have a swatch card so I can match my colors to the pom-poms in Tiny’s room, and water to rinse my brushes.
And here we go…

First flatten your tube and use your ruler to mark off the measurement you choose. I did 2cm for the petals and then used the last little guy as a leaf. You can do and size you’d like.

Now start painting! I used plain acrylic paints and found it easiest to place 2 fingers inside the ring and stretch it open so I wouldn’t leave finger prints. Don’t forget the edges. 

If you want to make this step easier bust out the spray paint & head outside. I just wanted to paint the insides a darker shade, and use lots of colors to add more depth. (ie. I didn’t want to go anywhere near the snow!)

When everything is dry, head for the glue gun. You only need a thin strip along one of the points. Then squish them together.

For making flowers, this shape seems to be the easiest to join together. Just glue 2 sets of 3 together, or a 3 with a 2. Pop on some leaves here and there, and you have eco-friendly wall art that will impress your friends!

♥Momma Tart
Running Tally:
#27 – Cardboard Tube Flowers

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