Every little bit helps (my sanity!)

After visiting the craft store yesterday, the creativity bug must have come a biting, because I finally finished up two projects that I have been mulling over for some time. Admittedly they are not difficult projects, but useful things around the house that I needed to put behind me so I can move on to the “good stuff”. 

Now I know Christmas is way over, but I have started thinking about next year. Since we are a one income family now buying Ant presents is getting difficult. He just looks at the debit/credit statement and knows exactly what he’s getting, or at least where it came from. In an attempt to circumvent the same situation next year, I made a Christmas Fund Jar. As far as projects go this is just stickers (the perfect font) on a jar from Ikea. No big deal.

Sorry, I haven’t learned how to take pictures of glass.

Every month Ant puts $20 into my jar, and by the time Christmas shopping time rolls around, I’ll have a “secret stash” that I can use to get his presents. Now, I did consider the online shopping issue. If I need to order something online, I will use my $ to buy a gift card (like a Visa or such) and go about my shopping. I’m sure there is a “better” way, like through a bank (We did Christmas Club in my town.) but sine we have no idea how long we will be living here and our only bank branch is in the city, this works best for now.

In other news I have deemed Tiny Tart old enough to start learning about time out. At first I thought 15 months was too soon, but she seems to understand everything we say and I wanted to get a jump on learning about consequences. To my surprise it really took. She gets that if we do something bad we have to sit on the “spot”. She has a little timer that counts down one minute and she sits and waits until we say she can get up. 

Right now the only rules are No hitting or yelling (the ungodly high pitched wail). Those are automatic time outs. For anything else she gets a warning (or 5 in Ant’s case) and then she has to sit for not listening. Each time we sit her down we get down on her level and tell her what was a “no-no” and then ask her to sit until we say she can get up. When the time is up we repeat why she had to sit and ask her to give us a hug to say she’s sorry. The only problem we’re having is that she doesn’t quite understand that hitting involves the cats too (poor buggers).

The mat was a $2 chair cushion from Ikea. Then I just slopped on some white acrylic paint and that was it. I was initially only going to write Time Out, but having the rules there helps Ant (who isn’t home for much of the disciplining) and I to stay on the same page. Next year we’ll add a min. to the timer, and maybe another rule to the mat. 

Now I’m off to work on unpacking my fabric totes. I’m trying to make everything more accessible, but who knows what treasures I’ll find in there! 

♥Momma Tart

Running Tally:
#48 – Christmas Fund Jar
#49 – Time Out Mat

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