Yesterday I showed you guys some adorable candy boxes and now here are the instructions. They can be a little time consuming, but the end results are well worth it!

For the Love Letter Pillow Box I used this template, and the scrapbook paper Brenda Walton’s Sweet Talk Postage Stamps by K&Company.
After printing out the template to your desired size, cut it out and trace it onto a piece of card stock. I don’t have any fancy equipment for scoring my paper, so I just trace the dotted lines with the back edge of a butter knife.
Fold along the scored lines (working the curves is a little tricky) and glue the small flap. Now the box is finished and all you have to do is decorate. I added the “fold lines” and a sticker seal on the back, and then a “stamp” and cancellation stamp on the front. I will admit that these probably took me so long because I was trying so hard to match up my marker colors with the stamps.  
I really would have liked to have found (or made)
a rubber cancel stamp, but there just wasn’t time.
Maybe next year!

The Conversation Heart Candy Boxes follow pretty much the same steps. Print and trace this template onto card stock, cut out and score the box, fold, and glue (2 flaps this time). Then you just have to fill it with candy and twist the two top flaps together to form the heart. Pay extra attention if you write any phrases on the hearts. It is easiest to do once the box is fully assembled. 

Either of these boxes are perfect for any little last minute treats for friends, teachers, or co-workers. Stop back tomorrow for a whole different kind of Love Letters!

♥Momma Tart

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