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Mod Podge Glass Clings

Today’s idea comes from Amy at Mod Podge Rocks!, and could be used to decorate for practically any season, holiday, or event! The tutorial for making these glass clings is super easy to follow and full of tips to help you get started experimenting with your own ideas.  Mine had a few tiny bubbles and a finger smudge. (What? I’m impatient!) But you can easily cut around those if you think they will mess up the look.

Tips from my trials:
 – You can use a sheet of acetate in place of the leading blank.
 – Don’t spread your mix too thin! (learned the hard way) Shoot for card stock or just thinner thickness. 
 – I used a metal cake icing spatula to spread out and also peel up my clings.
 – Try cookie cutters to make some of your shapes. Remove from acetate first, and press very firmly. Then cut along the indented line. 
 – It is possible to cut out your shapes with scissors.
 – Be extra careful if you fold the cling to cut something out. (ie. a heart) It will stick to itself if you press too hard. Try placing a piece of paper in between the 2 layers before you start cutting.

Now get started and cover your windows, mirrors, vases, candle holders, and anything else you can find. I experimented with one and got it to stick to my microwave, fridge, kitchen cabinets (laminate), front door, and even my dresser (wood veneer)! I bet they would even stick to my car if it wasn’t so dirty. Let me know what places you get them to stick. 

**Side note: Punxsutawney Phil (PA’s famous groundhog) predicted an early spring this year. That hardly ever happens, so I’m crossing my fingers that it is true and all this snow will soon be replaced by sunshine and flowers!

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Running Tally:
#32 – Mod Podge Glass Clings

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