I Helped with the Dishes!

One chore that I absolutely dread is doing the dishes. I will scrub toilets until I pass out, but don’t make me wash silverware! I know that sounds dumb, but I just hate it. In the move into this new apartment we gained another bedroom, but lost our precious dishwasher. 🙁 

Luckily I have used my mind powers to convince Ant that he should do the dishes at night after dinner since I sweep everyday (I find I dislike hardwood floors too!) and I’m at home with Tiny (aka. The Terror) for almost 12 hours. I also get to lay on the guilt that dinner is almost always started, if not ready, when he gets home along with the normal things like laundry, grocery shopping, and packing and unpacking the whole house during the move! (Yes, I did pack everything and since he was in that accident he even missed half the day of moving!) If you ask me, doing dishes and scooping the litter are cake compared to what “equal” would be asking, so No dishes for me!

Every now and again I feel a little guilty though and try to help out. I always use as few dishes as possible, reusing the same glass and (most of the time) plate for the whole day. And in my attemps to be even more helpful, today I made him this…

an environmentally friendly dish scrubbie! 
Ha ha, it looks like a pop tart!

I got the pattern from Tales and Yarns, and it came out a pretty well on the first try.  The beginning of the pattern is a little confusing until you understand what you are trying to do, but once you get it, things are pretty simple. All you need to know are single and double crochet. The picture below might help if you get stuck.

Ant used it tonight and says “It works pretty good.” which is guy speak for it didn’t give me any trouble, but I’m a bit leery of crochet. I thought I would have won him over with the swiffer, alas it was not to be. Even so, I hope he takes to it well enough that we can stop buying sponges for good and just have a stash of these that we send through the washer. 

Around the house we have been discussing the major undertaking that has become Tiny’s bedroom. Since I never got to decorate a nursery when she was born, I’m making up for it in full force now. I thought we had everything planned out and even began making things to hang up. (the pom poms, hair clip holder, and wall flowers) But in the past few days the design has changed completely and new problems seem to arise every hour. The major obstacle is that I want to paint a wall mural and can’t because we are in an apartment. How I wish for a house! Last year my Dad and I even made plans for a bed like this so we are ready when the time actually comes. Ant says to paint on paper and hang that on the walls, but paper and toddlers never seem to mix. Maybe soon we will figure out a solution and I’ll be able to share an entire room full of projects with you! 

The only thing I know for sure is that this little guy will ABSOLUTELY be involved and maybe some of his friends!

♥Momma Tart

Running Tally:
#53 – Crochet Dish Scrubbie

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