Monograms and Makeovers

It’s a double craft day! That sure doesn’t happen often with the attitudes that Tiny Tart has been having lately! Why do they call it the terrible twos if it starts right after she turns one? Did I just get a fussy kid? Ant says she does take after her Mommy a lot! Hopefully this chills out before she heads to kindergarten and I’ll be able to fit in a bunch more crafts! Or I’ll just have another baby and start the process all over again. 😉

Today I made these snack containers…

Ok, I didn’t make them, but I did cover some old baby formula cans in paper to make it easier for Ant to tell what is in each one. They are so much easier than boxes with the plastic bags in them. We used to fill them with different kinds of baby cereal when Tiny first started solids. Now we have one for crackers, goldfish, cheerios, and cookies. If you have older kids this might be a good way to store snacks that they can reach and get out themselves, or even crayons and other small toy pieces. It doesn’t need to be a formula can either, just a canister with a easy to remove lid. Cans from nuts, juice concentrate, and even some coffee grounds would work. Just watch out for sharp edges on the inside.

The next project is something I’ve wanted to do for some time. Ever since I made these pillows I knew I wanted to add a monogram to one of them. Now even though I have been doing cross stitch since I was very small, I have never done any “real” embroidery. (I’m not counting these cards.) Luckily my first try turned out pretty well and just needs to go through the wash.

I have no idea how I’ve managed to make it this long without giving embroidery a try, but now I’m addicted! I have seen so many adorable patterns lately that I may just have to start making Tiny some clothes just so I can embroider them! This has really caught my eye, and this too, and this. AHHH…Cuteness!!

♥Momma Tart

Running Tally:
#55 – Snack Container Makeover
#56 – Pillow Monogram

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