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Instead of working on my crafts this morning, we had to drive over to Delaware to pick up Ant’s replacement wedding ring. (He lost his original in the snow during the move a few weeks ago.) The trip turned out to be an all day affair, and we just got home in time for supper. It’s not turning out to be quite as productive as I had planned.

Yesterday, I did a project, (3 actually) but just never got around to typing up a post. Of course the new cart that I got to help me haul groceries was missing a few essential pieces. (Figures!) Instead of trying to make the extra trips with Tiny in tow, I waited until Ant got home from work so that I could go by myself. Then by the time I got home and put the groceries away it was already time for bed. Luckily, yesterday was much more successful in the craft department. Bring on the paper crafts!

Construction Paper Heart Garland

I feel like this is really a “bang for your buck” type of project. This 5ft. long (4.5 inch tall) garland was made with only 3 sheets of construction paper. Heck, you could make one that circles your entire room for less than $3 and it is so cute too! This is how I pulled it off…

 First cut each sheet of paper in half (hamburger style). Cut each of the halves in half again (hamburger style) and then fold these quarter pieces in half once more (hamburger again.) This folded piece will be the piece you will cut each heart from.

Use one of the folded pieces to make a template of your heart shape. Start big and keep trimming it smaller until you have a shape you like. Then measure in 1/2 an inch from the edge and draw a line to cut out the inside of the heart. (I know mine looks wide, but when you link them I think it looks better. It’s not too crowded.)

Now trace the outside edge of your finalized heart onto the rest of your folded papers. It is easier to trace onto one, then cut around the outside and use the new one to trace the rest.

 Now go back with the heart’s “insides”. Measure in 1/2 an inch (this works best on the bottom angled edge.) and make a mark. Match the inside piece to your mark and trace.

Cut everything out and decide what order you want your hearts to line up in. Cut through the bottom of every other heart in your line and link in its partners. Pay attention to which piece lays on top. (Red goes into purple, purple into pink etc.) 

Place a small piece of tape over the cuts you made on the heart bottoms (only on one side) and start hanging!

Now, since it is getting pretty late here I’ll show you the teaser for the other crafts, but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for the instructions. This is my version of a love letter, and a cute little candy box. Both would be great for that little something to give your coworkers, neighbors, and friends.
Until Tomorrow (When I can hopefully get back on track!)
♥Momma Tart
Running Tally:
#34 – Construction Paper Heart Garland
#35 – Love Letter Pillow Boxes
#36 – Conversation Heart Topped Candy Box

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