Love that keeps you in stitches…

I am super in love with this project, but am out of time for today. This will just have to be a teaser until I can get the instructions typed up tomorrow. Also, I am really excited about the project I have planned for tomorrow. Stop back and check out my amazing organizational skills! ***Hint Hint: Who loves pegboard?***

Ok, now that I have a few minutes I can explain the very simple process behind these cards. Let’s start with the embroidered I Love You first. All you need is a piece of paper (card, envelope, etc.), a needle (large-ish), embroidery floss, and a pencil. Just write out your message and then use you needle to punch holes along the line. (Curves will need closer holes in order to translate fluidly.) Now just erase the pencil marks, thread up your needle, and follow the holes. (Like dot-to-dot!) So easy. (If you are working on an envelope, watch out for the glue strip, I totally forgot. Luckily I’m not mailing mine.)

For the cross stitch version you’ll need the above supplies plus graph paper and tape (masking is preferable). Mark out your desired pattern on the graph paper. (I chose a heart.) Tape your patterned paper onto the front of your card and poke through the corners of each square that is filled in on the paper. Don’t forget the ones around the edges. Then remove the paper and start stitching your X’s. Refer to your graph paper for any different colors you may have used. When you are finished the back may look a little yucky, so you can glue a bit of paper over that area to clean it up. 

Sorry, I forgot to take a picture after I punched the holes.

This has super potential in so many other crafts. I am already planning a cute flower card for my Gramma for Easter, but I think this could also make a really nifty scrapbook effect. I’m not very good at scrap-booking, but I have my eye on a die cutting machine which would be amazingly helpful if I try again. Let me know what uses you find for this idea in your projects!

♥Momma Tart

(Ant says this should count as one project, but embroidery and cross stitch are totally different techniques. Am I right??) 

Running Tally:
#43 – Embroidered Envelopes
#44 – Cross Stitch Cards

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