Mouse in the House

“New mouse in the house. Brand new. Never saw before. Visitor, visitor.”      

 ~ Cinderella

Well, that was part of the excitement at our house today too! I’m just sitting at the computer getting ready to photograph today’s project, when out of the corner of my eye I see this guy saunter across the living room and plunk down under the TV. I’m always a bit dumbstruck when this happens, because what mouse in his right mind would ever opt to go into an apartment with cats? And not just one cat either. (Let’s just say too many cats.) It isn’t the first time this has happened, and last time we couldn’t catch him before they turned him into a chew toy. This one is only a baby so I’ll let him slide.
Thankfully Tiny Tart was napping, so I tossed all the cats in our bedroom and shut the door. Then I went hunting. Eventually I had him cornered under the sofa so I called the front desk and asked if they could please send one of the maintenance men to help me scoop him up. I guy at the desk thought I was scared and didn’t seem to understand that I just wanted it out of the house before Tiny woke up to “help”.  Anyway, eventually a woman from the leasing office came up to assist me and between the two of us we scooped him into a box and sent him on his way.  I have no idea what they will do with him, but I know he was not harmed while under my “care”.
I know you’ll laugh, but this is how we actually caught him. I made the “containment fort” before she arrived, and since he was under those boxes in the center we just had to sweep him into a box and carry him away. Maybe not a better mouse trap, but it worked.
Before all that happened I was just happy with the haul from the fabric store this morning. This was the first time I have ever paid attention to fat quarters. I went to school for fashion design, so we dealt mostly with apparel fabrics. Any time I bought broadcloth type fabric I needed quite a lot so getting little chunks of fabulous prints was pretty exciting. I also barely went over my spending limit for the day, but I have to know when the heck did fabric get so darn expensive? Ant says I’m cheap (note how he sent me out with a $20 budget!) but I just don’t see the point in $10 a yard for a solid. (maybe a really intricate print, but plain green?) No way! Anyhow, this is what I ended up with plus a bit of black to match another print I already have. They are much brighter than what I normally buy, but I’m trying to have a bit more fun. 
I love that I can mix and match a bit depending on
what I decide to use them for.
Finally, the project for today was one I have wanted to make for some time, but was saving for something special. When I decided to do Valentine crafts I thought this would be perfect. My inspiration came from Twillypop on Etsy. I figured since I had all the materials, I could wing it, but it turned out to be much harder than it looks. 

Photo from Twillypop’s shop here.
It’s not often that I care too much for jewelry. I think it is pretty, and have a box full, but never seem to wear anything. (Ant still wishes I would wear my engagement ring, but that darn rock just gets caught in everything!! I can’t even get my hair into a ponytail with it on.) Every now and again though some bug bites me and I try to make myself something. I already had some small egg shaped pearls from when I planned to make my wedding jewelry. (Note the word planned, I gave up and bought mine at Claire’s. lol. It’s not like anyone could tell from the pictures, right?) So pearls check, satin ribbon check, thread check, needle……holy crap nothing fits through this darn bead! 
In an attempt to rectify the situation I bought some bead stringing needles which ended up being just thin twisted wire. They’re not much use in piercing a hole through my ribbon. In the end I had to thread the pearl onto the stringing needle and then put the tip of the stringing needle into the eye of a regular needle and pull it all through the ribbon. Needless to say this got pretty tedious after about the second pearl. I ended up settling for a bracelet instead but I have enough pearls to make a necklace too if I ever find a regular needle thin enough to easily fit through the pearl. If anyone who actually knows how to make jewelry knows what I’m doing wrong or what I should be looking for, I’m all ears!

I really like the pale blue color, frankly all this red and pink lately is getting to me.
Next time I should probably just buy one, and let someone who knows what they are doing make it right. Cute as it is, it may never see the outside of my jewelry box again anyway. 
♥Momma Tart
Running Tally:
#41 – Pearl Ribbon Bracelet

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