Operation Organization # 2

I’m not sure how it happened, but Tiny Tart’s drawers have been taken over by hair clips. I don’t even think we have ever bought her any, but between the ones gifted from the cousins and the ones I made, I’m finding them everywhere. Since dresser space is at a premium here (and the walls are very boring) I decided to get them out of the drawer and up on the wall where they are easier to control. 

I’ve seen tons of different styles of these, but they are all essentially a ribbon attached to some thing. They have some really cute ones on Etsy,  (SugarBearBows, BouncingOffTheWalls, MayCrimsonMagnificence, AmandasAngels) but since crafting is what I do I had to make my own. 

First assemble the supplies:

Wooden shapes (Michael’s)
(I forgot a wall hanger, but you can just use a piece of ribbon or even 3M stickies.)

Note about shapes: Make sure you look over the shapes in the store very carefully. Most have chips, glue spot, or are just plain wonky. Be warned.

Next, prime your wood with liberal amounts of baby drool! Or you could just go ahead and paint.

You’d think her Mom would put a clip in her hair! Right?

When everything is to your liking and dried out, get out the trusty glue gun. You only need one length of ribbon, but I really liked the swirl pattern on the blue one so I glued them together just because. I also couldn’t decide between the butterfly and dragonfly so i painted both. Ant picked the butterfly this time, so the dragon is packed away for another project. I also found that the tulip was very light so I found a washer to glue to it and weigh it down. 

Now assemble. I glued one end of the ribbon to the bottom of the butterfly and the other to the top of the tulip. Attached the washer, and also made a little loop out of extra ribbon as a hanger. 

Imagine how easy this would be if you bought already painted shapes! I just couldn’t find any I really liked, but that would make this a 5 min. project! And I only spent $4 on wood and ribbon! (I already had the washer, paint, and glue.)

 The directions for the clips in between the purple and pink bows can be found here and here.

In other organization efforts, yesterday I folded a tote and a half worth of my fabric stash and ended up with this!!!

The bookcase now looks too sad for all this
awesomeness. Maybe I should paint it!

 Can you feel my pride radiating from your computer screen?!? Never in my life has my fabric been this organized! The idea of having everything out in the open where I can see what I have, what matches, and even how much I have, honestly it gives me the shivers. Too bad it is in the middle of my bedroom instead of a glorious craft room, but oh one day… (back to reality). I thought it would get me in trouble with the hubby for him to be able to see what all I have (I’m still not finished folding), but he said “…That doesn’t seem like much…”  WHAT! Do my ears deceive me? That sounded like permission to buy more. Doesn’t it sound like that to you??? So I asked (walking into trouble) “Does that mean you want to go buy me more?” He replies with a shrug, “Sure.”  Bless him!!! And if you ever hear me say a bad thing about him remind me of this day!!!

But in all honesty, I have no idea what to do with most of this fabric. I know I have already gone through my stash once and given my Gramma a whole tote for the women she knows who make quilts for the nursing homes. The shocker is that most of this was free! When I was in college, there was a HUGE donation of fabric to the school, and we were allowed to take whatever we wanted. When I say HUGE I mean it. Picture a Black Friday sale, because that was what it was like. All of us Fashion Design girls were leaving there with TRASH BAGS full of fabric. Now the only problem is I have no idea what the fiber content is of anything. Each time I have to burn a corner to find out what I’m working with. Somehow, Iaccrued massive amounts of lining type fabric and it’s gonna take some real creative thinking to get rid of all that. For now maybe I’ll just bask in the glory of my organizational skills. Let’s worry about getting rid of it after I get it cleaned up.

♥Momma Tart

 Running Tally:
#50 – Hair Clip Holder

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