Operation Organization

I know I’m supposed to still be doing Valentine’s crafts, but since I have the hubby home with me today I decided to put him to work helping me finally hang my pegboard! I have been looking forward to this for awhile now. I actually acquired the board from the retail store I used to work at over 2 years ago. We used these sheets in the front window display, and when they were ready to toss them, I snatched them up and sent them into storage (aka_Dad’s basement).

When we moved here I knew I could finally put that pegboard to use. We thought we would be really short on cabinet space so the initial plan was to hang it on the kitchen wall as a place for pots and pans. We later found room in the cupboards for all our kitchen supplies so I can use my pegboard for a much more important purpose…Craft Organization!

This first piece has to be shared with Ant as part of the office desk organizing, but if everything works well I have a second sheet that I can hang in the bedroom that will be strictly for crafts. Right now everything I use in stored in those plastic three drawer tote stacks, drawers of a dresser or shelves on the book case. I have to dig through tons of other stuff to find that right pen or ribbon, or even a needle. It only makes it harder when you have a toddler trying to “help” find what you need. This way I can hang everything above four feet where I can get to it and she can’t. (So Exciting!!)

So, after much managing (me) and manual labor (him) this is what we’ve got! I know it’s not much, but considering we did it sans drill, with warped wood, into cement board, I’m pretty impressed with us.

That ugly yellow table is a project quickly coming up to bat. It was free,
but Yuck! I also hung that desk calender today. Hopefully this will help the
crafts flow much more smoothly! Now we need some color!

I wanted to add some kind of trim around the edges, and give it a fun paint job, but we decided to just give it a try first until we figure out if we like it and can get the layout situated to our liking. I also have tons of ideas about things that I can attach to the board that can be used to hold other things. This is an ever expanding ongoing project!

♥Momma Tart

Running Tally:
#45 – Peg Board Organizer

(Yea! I’m caught up…for now!)

P.S. I updated the post from yesterday about Stitched Cards. Go check it out!

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