Tasty Tuesday – Truffles and Bon Bons

Happy February! 

This is a month both loved and hated by many. Men have the “Big Game” but also the end of football. (I don’t know why they complain about it though. They have so many after games and champion bowls and what not, and then move on to a different sport anyway!) For women it’s the V-day. For a lucky few of us this is a perfect day. (I’m convinced those few write out specific instructions for their guys, or have girlfriends and don’t have to. lol.) For the rest of us (I’m in this boat.) it has the potential for disaster! If you have ever seen the commercial where the woman says “He lit all these romantic candles…..and set off the smoke detector.” you have some idea of how my “special occasions” tend to go. In my case it is best to just pretend the day doesn’t exist and go on with my life. 

This is not to say that I am not romantic. (When Ant and I were dating I wallpapered his whole apartment in “reasons why I love you” notes. Thank god it was only a studio!) Unfortunately for me Ant is not very romantic and when he tries everything goes badly. (One day I may grace you with our proposal story. It was not very pretty!) The most I strive for these days is a card and a bag of candy. It makes everything much less disappointing. 

This year however, I am trying to get into the spirit of the holidays (at least for Tiny Tart’s sake), so I have planned 14 Valentine’s Day themed crafts leading up to the big day! Since I have quite the sweet tooth, an extra few are devoted strictly to deserts. Because, when everything goes south you always have chocolate!

I know I posted a recipe yesterday, but since today is actually a Tuesday, I figured I should get back on track. So to start things off, we have a Valentine staple Simply Sensational Truffles. I have been making this recipe for years and everyone loves them. Ant’s co’ workers even make special requests for them around the holidays. The great thing is they only take 3 ingredients (if you count sprinkles) and are ridiculously easy to make, if a bit time consuming. You can also customize the chocolate to your own tastes. Ant loves dark chocolate, but rum, raspberry, orange, Bailey’s, Kahlua, peppermint, almond, and coffee are all common favorites. 

Mine don’t look near this pretty. These are from Kraft’s site.

Since I have such trouble getting the balls shaped perfectly, I have decided to try something new this time. I have a heart shaped silicon ice-cube tray from Ikea that I am going to pour the cream cheese mix into and let it set. Hopefully they will easily pop out, but I probably won’t be that lucky. I’ll keep you updated on the results. 

Now for those of you on a diet, I have a different kind of chocolate. These bon bons might not taste quite a good, but it is definitely cuter. 
I made these for Tiny so that she can play along with her kitchen while I’m working in mine! This version can also be made in a variety of “flavors” and decorations. Beads, sequins, or puffy paint would have been great, but she would have gnawed those off in a second!
Bon Bons
Rnd 1 – Magic Ring 6
Rnd 2 – 2 sc in each stitch (12)
Rnd 3 – *1 sc, 2 sc in next stitch*  *repeat around (18)
Rnd 4-7 – sc round
Rnd 8 – (in back loops) *1 sc, sc 2 together* *repeat around (12)
Work any desired top stitching and Stuff.
Rnd 9 – *sc 2 Together* *repeat around (6)
Fasten off.
Go ahead and make a box of each. Then let me know if you come up with any really great “must try” flavor combos. I always love a good chocolate!
♥Momma Tart
Running Tally:
#30 – Simply Sensational Truffles
#31 – Crochet Bon Bons

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