Bring on the Spring!

Have you ever woken up with the NEED to do a craft that you weren’t really planning on? That is what happened to me this morning. I fully intended to whip up another Quiet Book page so that I actually get all 16 done this month, but somehow ended up with this instead…

I guess my creative side is just trying to force Mother Nature into spring as soon as possible. This 46 degree weather just isn’t cutting it for a momma whose been trapped inside for months! I don’t even think Tiny remembers what grass is anymore. 

I used a modified version of an old Simplicity pattern (7062) that I found in the ones my Gramma gave me. The pattern is copyrighted 1985 and I’m pretty sure she used it to make an outfit for me when I was little. This is the most similar one I can find in print now. The fabric is just something I grabbed at Joann’s because it was 50% off and even though it isn’t my usual style, I think it works really well for a toddler outfit. Babies can get away with almost any print out there!

Hopefully there are many more outfits to come as the weather warms up and we can get outside for some photo shoots! For now though, I better just go work on those quiet pages.
♥Momma Tart
#65 – Floral Pinafore Outfit

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