Happy Spring!

Spring is officially here. Yay!!! 

Unfortunately, Over the past 2 weeks more than half the blogs I read have had a bug going through their families. What’s happening? Are cooties transferable through the interwebs now?! Of course those same cooties would invade our house as well. I woke up on Thursday with a migraine that kept me out of commission until dinner time and everything went down hill from there. Luckily I’m the only one to have gotten sick,(fingers crossed) and Ant has been in charge of Tiny Tart this weekend so that I can live on the sofa or in bed and try to recuperate as quickly as possible.

On the up side, I have had a lot of down time to catch up on some reading and crafts. I managed to whip up the wreath above in about 10 min. yesterday while we watched a movie. I’ve been seeing tons of wreaths for spring on other blogs and have such a hard time deciding what I like best so I made mine interchangeable. Now I can redo it for any season or holiday while saving space in our apartment.

All I did was wrap satin ribbon around a foam wreath until it was completely covered and secured the ends with straight pins. Then I pushed more pins through the plastic back of each flower and arranged them around the wreath. Add a few leaves to fill in any gaps and clip the butterfly right onto a flower.  In total it cost me about $13 after all the coupons I used and sales at AC Moore, and $5 of that was the foam wreath that I won’t have to buy again.

Hopefully this will add just the splash of color I need to remind me to smile through the next few weeks of packing. I’ll take anything to help lessen the stresses of moving!

Hope everyone is having a more enjoyable weekend!

♥Momma Tart

Running Tally:
#71 – Spring Wreath


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