Peep’s Sheep

Even though I’m running a bit late today, I’m so excited to be sharing another
 quiet book page! Today I finished up the Little Bo Peep Page.  

The missing sheep are hiding under the bush and tree flaps. 

It kinda reminds me of the old Loony Toon cartoons where the
 different colored shrub was the one someone was hiding behind. 
(Does anyone know what I’m talking about?)

Aren’t those little Sheepy faces cute!

Now I know this is short, but dinner is in the oven and I just wanted to show this off. Hopefully I’ll have another page ready for tomorrow. I’m pretty close to finished with Humpty Dumpty so just maybe…Everyone have a great Weekend!♥Momma Tart 

Running Tally:
#80 – Little Bo Peep Quiet Page

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