Princess Slippers

It’s finally here! The day when I can begin sharing my Story book projects with you. YaY!!!! (I know, I can’t explain my excitement either.) I guess I just realized that combining 2 of my favorite past times, reading and sewing, could yield amazing results.

Today’s craft was inspired by the story of the 12 Dancing Princesses by the Brothers Grimm. I read a lot of “teen” fantasy books (to escape reality, and let’s face it, I just love fairy tales!) and have recently finished 3 different takes on this classic story.
 The Night Dance        
If you aren’t familiar with the story sometimes called The Worn-Out Dancing Shoes, it’s about 12 sisters who are locked in their room each night. In the morning they are found with shoes worn through as if they danced the night away. The king offers his realm and a daughter to marry to any man who can solve the mystery. A soldier comes along with an invisibility cloak, and solves the problem by following them through a trap door. 
Of the re-makes, I’d have to say that The Princess of the Midnight Ball was my favorite since the mystery was solved by a soldier who used knitting to find a solution. It was quite refreshing to see knitting featured prominently in a teen book especially done by the main male character. There are even patterns in the back that you can use to make the projects featured throughout the story!
Anyway since Tiny Tart has recently become obsessed with any shoes she can find around the house, I decided to make her a pair of “Dancing Slippers”. They would be a great addition to any little girl’s dress up trunk and since they are relatively easy once you get going, you can make different colored ones for every outfit!
Of course Tiny was in no fit mood for modeling today, but you can see that they are essentially a larger version of infant soft soled shoes. These are not meant to be worn outdoors but if you substitute the proper material (maybe suede) for the sole you might be able to wing it. I know they have the no slip dot fabric at Joann. Since we have hardwood floors now I added some puffy paint to the soles for some gripper action. 
Unfortunately since Ant is away for work, I can’t post the pattern until this weekend. (I’m not that tech savvy yet!) But I promise a tutorial and pattern will be up by Sunday night! Either stop back then or leave me a comment with how to contact you if you are interested in knowing when it is up and running. 
Thanks for stopping by. There’ll be more Story-time fun tomorrow!
♥Momma Tart

(Update: Tutorial is here.)

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  1. These shoes are absolutely darling!! My daughter would love them!! So cute!! Thank you for commenting on my blog! 🙂 It was so sweet of you to stop by! 🙂

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