Spring Butterfly Skirt

I hope everyone had a great weekend. It’s still too cold here to actually get outside and enjoy the season yet, but that didn’t stop me from working Spring into my sewing!

Last week when I started re-packing my fabric, I set aside a pile that would make great Spring/Summer outfits. In this pile I found the loveliest 2 yards of green silk and instantly wanted to make something for myself for a change. Of course when I laid it out on the table to get a better look…It was full of holes!!! (Ain’t that always the way?!?)

I’ve explained before how most of my fabric stash came from a giant pile that was donated to my college and many of the pieces are cut or irregular in some way. But it was truly upsetting to see what had happened to this silk.

However, I still had the desire to find a use for it and salvaged enough (with some creative cutting) to make Tiny Tart a fluffy skirt.

 After the skirt was sewn up I carefully checked it over for any little nibble holes I may have missed and covered up a few teeny tiny ones with strategically placed flowers and a butterfly.

Unfortunately I wasn’t paying much attention to size while I was sewing, and this skirt is not likely to fit Tiny until next year, or the year after. (She’s kinda short!) The main thing though is that the poor piece of silk got the major face lift it deserved. I wish I had more leftovers to add some ruffles, but C’est la vie. Maybe I can eeek out a hair clip or headband. 
Now I just have to decide if I should add a lace ruffle in between the layers. I’m on the fence about that what do you think? Leave it as is? or add more lace? I’d love to hear any suggestions!
♥Momma Tart
Running Tally:
#82 – Layered Butterfly Skirt

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