Tasty Tuesday – Irish Cream Bundt Cake

It’s that time again, another Tasty Tuesday recipe coming your way! Sticking with the “Irish” theme for the month, I offer you the…

Irish Cream Bundt Cake

I was a little leery about this one. The last time I tried anything in my bundt pan (regular Angel Food Cake) it stuck so bad we couldn’t even get it out of the pan. We were just tearing pieces out of the dish until we gave up and just soaked the whole thing! It eventually came clean, but I have been turned off from trying another bundt ever since. 
But, you have to get back on the horse sometime and I’m glad I did!
The recipe is located here at Allrecipes. (How much do I love them!) After reading the whole recipe it wasn’t what I had expected. You get to use a regular yellow cake mix as the base. It’s easy, but somehow makes me feel like I’m cheating. Maybe if I don’t tell anyone… 
Anyway, I left out the pecans (they just don’t thrill me) and let the cake soak in the glaze like some reviewers suggested. It wasn’t exactly pretty, but it turned out great! The glaze turned into a sugar “crust” that Ant said was Amazing. I’m not big on Bailey’s  but if you like that flavor this is for you. 

Completely off topic! What do you do when your child does this…

I know the quality isn’t great but notice how she
took all the q-tips and put them in a diaper.
That is also a glob of rash cream on her chin!

Yes that is the diaper drawer complete with wipes, rash cream, q-tips, lotion, etc. Thank god I caught her before she squeezed the petroleum jelly onto the bookcase. I of course was busy cleaning up a prior mess while this was happening. I guess it’s time to update the toddler proofing! 

♥Momma Tart

#64 – Irish Cream Bundt Cake

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