Twirly Swirl Jumper

Well, it is official Ant got all the paperwork today for his new job and gave notice to his boss. We are moving to Washington D.C. in a month! I’m not sure everything has sunk in yet, but I have started looking for a new apartment. Now I just have to narrow the list down so we know which ones to visit when we go down over the next few weeks. 
At least I have started to pick up a little in the craft department. I am determined not to let this upheaval set me back. I might have to go back to the “piddly” crafts near moving day, but I will be making things until my last box is packed and on that truck!
Now I know it’s Tuesday and I will share a recipe tonight, but to catch up, here is the latest addition to Tiny Tarts spring wardrobe. I Love this jumper because I can add a long sleeve top and leggings to it for cool weather, a t-shirt for nice days, and nothing at all on those sweltering days. 
Now I’m off to make dinner. Stop back later for the recipe of the day!
♥Momma Tart
Running Tally:
#68 – Toddler Jumper

One thought on “Twirly Swirl Jumper

  1. Congratulations for hubby's new job! Boy, you are going to be busy. The jumper is adorable. the colour ad print are so soft and feminine. I'm sure your daughter will look lovely in it. Good luck, and happy packing!

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