Smocked Spring Dress

Yesterday after finishing the Pinafore Outfit I still had a need to make more baby clothes! I have been wanting to try smocking for some time, so I decided to give it a go before starting dinner. It turns out that it is a lot easier than I thought and really quick too. By the time dinner was ready all I needed was to attach the straps for a new dress! 

The straps turned out to be the hardest part. After trying a few different styles (halter, shoulder ties) I decided to put buttons inside and attach the straps with buttonholes at different lengths. It sounded easy and we might get more use out of it that way. Unfortunately my sewing machine had an aversion to buttonholes this morning and it took longer to make 2 holes than it took to make the whole dress. Luckily I figured it out and all is now well in the sewing machine world. 

I have a feeling the baby clothes itch still isn’t out of my system. Who knows, Tiny might end up with a whole new wardrobe by the time spring gets here. Maybe if the “Mother’s Day Fairy” brings me a new camera we will be able to get some better pictures. I have been wanting to take another trip to Longwood Gardens which would be the perfect place for a photo shoot! 

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#66 – Smocked Toddler Dress

2 thoughts on “Smocked Spring Dress

  1. I know just what you mean about buttonholes. I usually do everything in my power to avoid them! As for the smocking if you can sew a straight line (some days that's questionable for me) you can do it. I mean you made a swimsuit!! Knits scare me worse than buttonholes. lol.

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