Minor Setback…Major Fun

For those of you who follow along, I know I said that I would be starting Bookworm Wednesday today, but  I fibbed. There was a snag in the project I was working on and it will have to be bumped until next week. (Which is code for I got overly ambitious with my embellishments and have exceeded the amount to time I alloted…by a lot.)

But I do have a seek peek for you. Any guesses what it will turn into?

Maybe you can tell how I got myself in trouble. Embroidery is one thing, but add the beading and I really must have thought I was Wonder Woman for a min there.

And instead of working tirelessly all day trying to get it done, I decided to introduce Reli to the swimming pool. It’s true, I never took her swimming before. Since it hit 95 outside before noon, I figured we might as well give it a go. At first she was more interested in someone else’s beach ball, but quickly got used to it.

Yes, my kid drank the pool water. No, I couldn’t stop her. Yes, I tried.
Over all it was a great time and hopefully induces one major nap so I can get back to working on my project. I promise it will be ready next week. For Reals this time. 
Thanks for Visiting!

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