Mommas Will Understand…

…Why I am so happy I must share that today was our first day of potty training!
Today Reli turned 20 months old, and we went on an adventure to buy her very own potty. I have been preparing myself for this for a few weeks now and kept putting it off because of our mountain of other errands to run. She has been paying a lot of attention to us lately, hiding, and sometimes even telling us she is “stinky”, (She crinkles up her nose and sniffs really hard. lol) so I felt we were ready for it. 
I hadn’t exactly laid out a plan, just wanted to have the potty in the bathroom for her to get used to and sit on if she wanted to. Then tonight before her bath I asked if she would like to sit on the potty. She nodded and we read an Elmo potty sounds story together. I didn’t really expect anything, but thought it would help her get used to the idea. We were almost finished when she looked down and then reached for the paper. 
Low and behold she actually did it!! 
It doesn’t matter that it was only a tablespoon full, and who cares that when we put her in the tub she stood there and peed in the water! I think she was a little startled at first. What matters is that we followed through the routine (wipe, flush, clap, wash, M&M) and are on our way to the land of no diapers. Now we’re crossing our fingers that training will be complete by her 2nd birthday! She says a bunch of words (expanding rapidly), but we aren’t stringing them together just yet. I feel like letting us know she has to “go” will be our toughest obstacle.

I’m just not sure of the next step. Isn’t she too young to care about buying “big girl” panties?
Is anyone in the same boat right now? What have you done for incentives?
I know this can be wildly different for each kid, but “every little bit helps”.

Thanks for humoring me!
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