Quick and Easy Glass Cling Tutorial

It occurred to me  this weekend while I was trying to get the house back in order, that I never posted the tutorial for the fish clings that I made for the bathroom. It was on the agenda before we went away for the weekend, and was forgotten before we returned. Honestly, if someone finds my brain, please send it back home. I’m really starting to miss it!

So, here is the tutorial that I had planned. I even made something besides the fishes to show that you can really match this to your own decor.

What you’ll need:
 – a plastic page protector (or a sheet of acetate)
 – an image you wish to copy
 – Puffy Paint!

Yep, it’s back! Don’t deny it. You remember painting the heck out of those t-shirts, and bags, and shoes, and hats, and anything you could get your hands on back in the day! LoL.  (Don’t mock me, I was young!)

Now for the super easy step by step process.

1. Place image inside page protector, or tape to the back of the acetate.

2. Color in with the Puffy Paint.
3. Place somewhere safe to dry overnight.
DON’T TOUCH IT!!! I see you want to. You are sooo tempted, but DON’T DO IT!

This is what it looks like from the “flat” side.
Yes, that’s me in my PJ’s  in the  background.

4. Gently peel off the plastic and stick it to the mirror or window.

After everything has dried the full 24 hrs. you can go back and add more detail on top of the image. Things like eyes and noses or spots and squiggles. Just be sure to let it dry another night to be safe. You can get pretty detailed if you just work slowly.

This is not going to give you a perfectly flat surface on both sides, so be as neat as possible while you are painting. You might want to play around with a pallet knife to try to smooth the surface, but I wasn’t that brave. Pushing the tip all the way to the plastic and working it in a circular motion will help to smooth any lumpiness. Getting it a uniform as possible is really important if you are putting it in a window where light may shine through.

These are some I made for the Submarine Bathroom using a stencil instead of a coloring page.

I’m thinking of making one of those little stick families that you see in car windows. I just don’t know how well this will hold up to the heat of the car, but I’ll let you know. How cute would it be to copy some of your kids artwork this way. They stick to most flat surfaces, and even my textured fridge.

If you are an avid baker you may recognize this as the process to make a frozen buttercream transfer. You follow the same steps swapping the plastic for waxed paper and the paint for icing. Then when it has frozen, you flip it over (smooth side up) onto a waiting cake. It’s a really great way to give your kid a “character” themed cake without going to the grocery store or paying out your nose. Maybe I’ll share one sometime. I seem to have a birthday in the near future.

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