Reversible July 4th Skirt

Skirt number 2 is ready to go toward my Skirt Week goal. I started this one a few weeks back with just the chevron part, but couldn’t get happy with it. The fabric was thin and needed a lining, and I couldn’t find a navy blue trim that looked just right. After much fiddling this is what I came up with.

 Since I couldn’t figure out why you would actually need 2 skirts for an event that only happens once a year, I made this a bit more on the generic side of patriotic. It isn’t like she’ll be able to wear it next summer! 🙂

The chevron side was made using a Joann exclusive fabric that had the stripes printed on the diagonal. While this is obviously possible to work will, I don’t suggest it! Figuring which way to cut what was hard enough, but matching the tiny stripes was down right TERRIBLE. (it also wastes a lot of fabric)

The other side and the ruffle are just plain navy cotton with a bit of hand embroidery. This was my first try at satin stitch and my big star is more than a little wonky!

Hopefully I’ll be able to make a tutorial for this one soon, but right now I seem to have projects coming out my ears on top of the potty training. But, if you guys like it, I’m sure I’ll fit it in somewhere.

I think she was munching an M&M, but that face is too cute!
Hopefully it still fits when July finally rolls around.

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(I’m really sorry for all the crappy pictures. I’m begging my hardest for a new camera for my birthday!)

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