Snapshot Sunday – Ikea

Ant’s work was moving to a new office space on Friday, so he took the day off to spend with me and the munchkin. So, what do people do when they have just moved into a new apartment and have extra time on their hands?

Why, they go to Ikea of course! 

(I admit that the only pieces of furniture in my home that didn’t come from Ikea are Reli’s crib and a flip top desk that Ant had in college. They could use our place as a showroom. *if it was ever clean ; )*)

We stain tested the sofas,
“Wheeeeeee” Spun round and round it the chairs,
Checked that we didn’t mess up our hair,
Looked at big girl beds, (I think we both loved this fabric!)

And ended our adventure in style!

What do you guys do when you have a surprise “day off” as a family?
Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!
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