The Amazing Twin Needle!

Ok, so if you have been following along recently, I’m sure this isn’t what you expected to see today, but I just learned how to use a twin needle this past week and was too excited not to share it!

This is what it looks like…

Two needles held together by a small plastic shank. It fits in your machine just like any other needle, and they come in different widths shown by the number on the package. 

You can thread with 2 different colors at the same time! If you want to use the same color in both needles, don’t bother buying 2 spools, just use an extra bobbin on top. Thread the machine like normal with both threads, and then split them just before threading the needles. Loop one in each little curly thread holder thingy (no idea what it’s really called) and then thread each needle separately.

Now  you’re ready to start playing around. Fiddle with the tension, stitch length, fancy stitches, and anything else you’ve got. The ones above are just a few of the things that you can do! The third from the top is just your basic straight stitch. I forgot to take a picture of the underside, but the bobbin thread pretty much just zig zags back and forth between the 2 threads. It would be perfect for hemming things like T-shirts! (I haven’t tried yet because knit fabric and I aren’t good friends, but I’m planning to make another top like this one, so I may give it a try soon.)

I was so excited, that I used this needle to hem my new keyhole dress instead of bothering with top-stitching, and it turned out great!
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7 thoughts on “The Amazing Twin Needle!

  1. You know I have been sewing since I was 10 yrs old ( I am 33 now) and I have NEVER used a twin needle. Not sure why but I haven't. I think I might have to give it a try and add some embellishments to some of my daughter's clothes. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. The twin needle is an excellent tool for sewing…almost essential. It makes an ordinary seam look professional, and can be used with many different results.

  3. How are the two needles going down to the bobbin and picking up the thread twice? I am not getting it. I would love to do this but my mind is not understanding it.

  4. Be sure to use a very wide foot on your machine and hand turn the wheel to be sure it will not hit the foot while you adjust the width of the stitches. Enjoy!

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