Book-Worm Wednesday – 3 Takes on Embellishment

Today I offer you quite the selection. I’m sure there are dozens (if not hundreds) of books out there showing you how to embellish fabric and clothing, but these three just happen to all be in the latest pile I borrowed from the library. (pictured below)

I’ve been putting these books off for a few weeks now trying to think of what to say. I wish I could tell you that these were all three amazing. I really want to be nice, but the point of these reviews are to help you find something worth while and maybe even save you a bit of money in the process. I’m not saying these books were “bad” exactly, just that they were really boring. Maybe boring isn’t the right word to use, but everything they shared was something you have seen before. (Unless you are super new to sewing, or wearing clothes.) 
The first two books explain how to do things like print your fabric with potatoes, stamps, freezer paper, spray paint, and screen prints. All things that I know you have seen a blog post about somewhere, and more than likely have pinned in a Pinterest folder. (I know I do!) All three talk about using things like ribbons, trims, buttons, embroidery, beading, etc. Also things you probably have tried, or at least know are options when making your projects. 
And, even though I tried really hard to like these books, the projects aren’t too thrilling for me either. I did chose one project from each that I thought was worth keeping in mind to share with you though. I’m sure most of you can figure out how to make them pretty easily.
From Design your own Tee, my favorite project was the hexagon appliqued mini dress on the cover, but they also share an interesting idea about using you “special” machine stitches as decoration. That isn’t exactly earth-shattering since that is the reason they are on the machine in the first place, but if you are anything like me you’re ashamed that you honestly have never been past the zig-zag.

I liked the projects from this one a bit better, and was happy to find out that there is another book Bend the Rules Sewing which has received excellent reviews. My favorite techniques were painted toile, and a nifty take on how to make plaid using dye. If you don’t know what toile is look here and think about using it like a coloring book with dye instead of crayons. 
Sew Stylish: Easy-Sew Ideas for Customizing Clothes and Home Accessories
This one was probably the most disappointing of the bunch, and those baby elbow patches on the cover were it’s best offering. Even though the photography is beautiful, it only shows super close-ups of most of the projects which isn’t a big help.
Needless to say, I’m giving all three of these books ☆☆☆star. I wouldn’t even bother leaving my computer for the library. Just head over to I am Momma‘s and check out Cheri’s post 10 Ways to Make Clothing Your Own and then go to Little Blue Boo‘s for great screen printing techniques and more!
Whew! Now that those are out of the way, I can get started on a book I LOVE for next week.
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