Book-Worm Wednesday – Rainbow of Stitches

You know when you fall so madly in love with a trend that you want to plaster everything you own with it?
(Oh come on now, I’ve seen you guys with your chevron, burlap, subway art, mustaches. . .)

Well my newest “kick” is embroidery. The problem is that I have been trying so hard to restrain myself from stitching EVERYTHING, that I ended up stitching nothing at all! (How dumb is that!?)

Today’s book is one of the reasons that I have fallen head over heels. I am ashamed to admit it, but I have been monopolizing this book for over 2 months now. That is how much I love it! (If you go to my library and have been waiting for it’s return, I really am sorry!) I should just go buy a copy, but haven’t had time.

A Rainbow of Stitches:
Embroidery and Cross-stitch Basics
plus more than 1000 motifs and 80 projects
Anges Delage-Calvet

The photography is beautiful. 
The projects are stunning.
The patterns are simple. 
Everything about this book is ADORABLE!
[All Images From the Book]

As the title suggests, the patterns are broken down into color sections, but you 
could change them to whatever matches the project you are working on.
My personal favorites are the lace patterns, and if you scroll up to my header, you’ll see how I incorporated one of them into my blog design. Yup! That “digi-lace” as I like to call it, was inspired by a pattern in this very book! So, even if you aren’t so handy with a needle and thread, there are other ways to use the images. I happen to know a paper-crafter or two who would find the Paris set of patterns perfect for making cards and decorations. 
You are definitely going to see things from this book popping up on my blog in the near future. I know quite a few pieces in Reli’s fall wardrobe that are gonna need a little “special something” and I think you know what that’ll be. So keep an eye out. 
This book is without a doubt a☆☆☆(out of 3) star recipient. I can’t wait to permanently add it to my book shelf! (Good news for my fellow library patrons! lol)
Happy Reading!
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