Fat Feet Flip Flops

A few of you might already know this, but Anthony is an architect. Sometimes he has to go out of town to survey a building that he is working on. (Just go to measure walls & such. He mostly re-designs the insides of  existing buildings. “Don’t knock down this wall or it all falls down.” kinda stuff.) Well this weekend he has to travel down to Virginia Beach for one of these surveys.

Since it is about a 4 hr. drive to get down there, he can stay the night if he wants, and they’ll pay for the hotel and reimburse the miles he drove down & back. So he asked me if I wanted to go along.

Virginia Beach
Now I don’t really fancy the beach. I’m much more of a pool person. Sand is no friend of mine, and I never seem to make it through a trip without a bad case of sunburn. (No matter how hard I try!) But, if someone else is willing to pay for my whole family to have a “day at the beach” who am I to say NO?!

I figure this way I can get some pictures of Reli at the ocean, and not feel too bad if I don’t wanna go we don’t make it back there for a few years. In my defense there is a Splash Down Water Park right down the road, so she can still have fun playing in the water. (I’m not a complete downer. lol)

The last time we went to the beach. Almost three years ago on our honeymoon. Nice, France.

So, to get ready for this big adventure, I decided to make Reli a pair of flip flops. I say make, because the child has the fattest little feet! She is also at that stage where 1 foot is significantly larger than the other, so no matter what I buy, nothing will fit. (I really hope they even out one day!)

I took my inspiration from Make It and Love It‘s flip flop series that’s been going on. Of course, I didn’t have any of the right colored knit, and not a lot of time to find some, so I kinda made a hybrid of a few of her flip flop versions.  (The shoes just had to match Reli’s swimmy suit! Right?)

I started with these adorable foot shaped bottoms that I got at Michael’s for $1. Score! So you know I also got a size up for next year and 2 for myself (not foot shaped). Then mixed a little of this with a little of that, a touch of hot glue, and ended up with these!

Now if I can just get Reli to keep them on her feet, we’ll be in business!

Better go buy some sand toys I guess. 
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  1. hi, just a question : how did you cut the foam so neatly?And which foam did you use ? I love your flip flop so much that i would like to have a pair for myself so i will apreciate if you could answer my questions.

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