Snapshot Sunday – Car vs. Thrifting

This weekend we finally had appointments to go look at 2 cars. I’m dying to have transportation again and was super excited! Ant even came home early Friday afternoon so that we could go see the first one, but when we called to make sure the guy would be home (like he said he would) he said “No I’m at work. Call and talk to my wife. She’ll show it to you.” ummm, Aren’t you a car dealer? I mean, I knew he was (a mechanic) just selling cars as a hobby, but you don’t make appointments if you aren’t at home. duh. 
So I called the wife and she says “I’m leaving right now, and I’m not coming home until 8pm. (Ok, you guys really want to sell this car I guess!) So needless to say, the “sketch factor” on that car has sky-rocketed, and we will not be re-scheduling. 
On to the back up…Ant made an appointment to see another car on Sat. morning. We’re getting ready for bed and I ask
  “How far away is this car?”  
“I’m not exactly sure, I’ll go check.” 20 min. later… 
“ummm, It’s about 2 hrs away.” 
“And is this car amazing?” 
“Not really.”
“Ok, We aren’t going then.” 
Lets go with Plan B… Finally visiting the Salvation Army that is just down the road!

This place is HUGE!
And had some really awesome furniture that I wish we had room for.
It ended up being a bit overwhelming, and all I bought were some tops to refashion for Reli’s Fall wardrobe.
I just LOVE $2 thermals!

Next time I’ll be prepared with a list of what to look for, but I am a little disappointed that they don’t seem to carry any toys and games. Maybe we just went on a bum day, because things sure were flying out of there!
What is your favorite thing to look for at thrift stores?
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