Snapshot Sunday – Happy Birthday to Me! (sorta)

So, I didn’t say anything before, but my birthday was last Tuesday. It’s not that I didn’t want to share, or that I’m feeling old (27 now). The main reason I stayed quiet is because I’m jinxed. Well, at least my birthday is. I’m not usually superstitious, but for some reason, the 12th of July is an extremely unlucky day for me. I know, now you think I’m crazy(er), but here’s a little recap…

13th – my mom forgot, and called everyone she could think of (not necessarily my friends) to invite them 2hrs. before the “party”.   (imagine the presents you get when someone has that short of notice)

16th – I don’t have a party, because we are going to the beach (a family vacation, I HATE sand). I receive a mix your own perfume set, and a Britney Spears cd.  (I was so NOT a girly girl and listened to rap then.)

21st – Food poisoning (No, I wasn’t just drunk, I don’t like alcohol.)

22nd – Anthony took me to get my 1st pedicure. Not 10 feet from the salon he stepped on my foot. (Nice try!)

These are just a few of my lovely adventures. I’ve also had people hijack my “family dinners” and make it all about themselves, been completely forgotten about and plenty of other smaller incidents. And don’t even get me started on presents. I remember Ant once got me a bath towel. Oh, and I got a AAA membership one year. Nuf said. (I might have understood the AAA if I was klutzy or something, but I didn’t use it once.)

I’m not complaining exactly, though it isn’t very fun, I have pretty much given up on the whole “happy” birthday, and have been try to “lay low” over the past few years. Until Reli came along my 20-somethings were all spent with a trip to the movies, and a dinner out, but this year Ant wanted to do something more.

I was given these options.
A) a completely kid free day. (sleep in, peace & quiet, the whole deal)
B) a trip into the city (D.C.) as a family to go to museums and such.

I can see you now, yelling at your computer like you’re watching Price is Right… A, A, choose A!

Yeah, I should have chosen A, but I’m just one of those (dumb) moms who can’t take time for herself and has to do the “memorable” stuff as a family.

So off we went to the Smithsonian!

How cute are those sunglasses?

Sweet & innocent my big toe! lol

We saw the bones. Reli called them “ROCKS”.

We inspected ROCKS.

No idea, because the only thing in that direction was a wall. Maybe some ROCKS.

We played with other “kids”. (Does he freak you out too?)

We made animal sounds. (The reflection was purely accident, I’m not that awesome!)

And we felt like this because of the 98 degree heat. 

Then we went to dinner.

Giraffe impressions anyone?

Over all, it wasn’t terrible, but there were a few bumps in the road. Mainly the 2 hrs we spent stuck in traffic. Plus a lack of common sense on my part. Don’t try to do a photo-shoot with a toddler, at nap time, in a new place, when it’s hot outside. Lastly, double check with your server before ordering ANY desserts. The cookie sundae I had my heart set on (you know the one, giant warm cookie with ice cream and fudge) ended up being a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie with coconut. YUCK! I don’t do nuts, but it was free, so I let it slide.

I’m gonna say the whole day was normal, but I’m not convinced that my jinx isn’t still with me…Hello…2 hr. traffic at 2pm on a Tuesday? hmm. Maybe next time.

What do you do for your birthdays? Is there anyone else out there who has my problem, or am I really just jinxed? I would chalk it up to too high expectations, but the only things I really hope for are not to crash my car, and no one to end up in the hospital. lol (knock on wood!)

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P.S. I did get a present, but I’ll save that for another day.

2 thoughts on “Snapshot Sunday – Happy Birthday to Me! (sorta)

  1. Oh, I'm so sorry for all your birthday misfortunes! My parents announced that they were separating a week before my 9th. And my Dad forgot b-days 17-19 (yes, three years in a row), but nothing like your kind of bad luck.

    Is it that you don't like the taste of alcohol? I really hate the taste (I won't drink it at all), but I think you're the first person around my age (28) who doesn't like it. Cheers!

  2. For my 13th bday my dad took me to see austin powers gold member then to hooters for lunch… And I was (and am) a girly girl. Not cool…

    Usually for my birthdays we end up only doing dinner. My hubby is the most nonspontaneous, uncreative, and completely oblivious male out there. And last year he got me a meat thermometer…. Yeah…

    So happy late bday! Better luck next year!

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