Snapshot Sunday – July 4th Picnic

Last night we were invited to a picnic hosted by Anthony’s new boss(es). (I love that the husband and wife both work in the same office, but she is in charge. I don’t know about you, but if I had to work with Ant we would kill each other!) Anyway, since the whole office was invited I got to meet quite a few of the people Ant talks about, along with their families. 

This is the dish that I took. You may have seen the hedgehog image floating around, but I have a real soft spot for them. The Adult Only version was filled with strawberry and watermelon kabobs that were soaked in strawberry rum. Everyone seemed to enjoy them, but I don’t drink, so I didn’t try them.

Reli also seemed to have a great time; chasing/feeding the dog, running around the yard, dancing, and sneaking crackers from the food tables. (And getting head to toe dirty!! lol)
There was even a band who played after everyone had finished eating. They’re called Sweet Remains, and sounded really good. Unfortunately we couldn’t stay to hear their whole set because of the munchkin’s bedtime, but over all it was a great time!

What are all you guys up to this weekend?
If you aren’t from the states, how do you celebrate your countries “Independence” day?
Whatever you doing, have a great time!
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