Snapshot Sunday (Wednesday edition) – Virginia Beach

Last week, I explained how Ant had to do some work in Virginia Beach, so we were making a beach trip out of it. Of course everything went just as I imagined it would. I was the only one to get sunburned, and the sand wasn’t any more fun than the last time I saw it. 🙂   (Double check when you have someone put sunblock on your back. I now know to let the baby do it rather than my hubby!) 
We did catch a few breaks though: we didn’t forget anything, no one got stung by a jellyfish, I got 2 boxes of taffy all for myself, and Reli slept most of the car ride down and back! no tantrums. (score!)

Freaking out when her skirt first got wet!

“No Daddy, we need to go this way!”
I don’t wanna leave!

We left after lunch on Sunday and arrived at the hotel just in time for dinner. After eating we drove down to the beach and walked up the shore and back down the shops. It was hot, but a thunderstorm was rolling in and it started dripping as we were leaving.

The next morning, we dropped Ant off to work, while Reli and I headed for the sand. After a bit of splashing, seashells, and sand, the fighter jets began flying over the beach. They must have been flying drills or something, because groups of 1-4 planes flew over every 8-10 minutes.

Commence hysterical screaming, leg grasping, and “Mommy, I ske-wrd! I ske-wrd! Ouchie ewrs!” 
(translation – I’m scared, It’s loud and hurts my ears!)
This is also why I have no pictures from the second day. She never even put the flip flops on! 🙁
So, this went on for at least an hour before Ant joined us and took Reli out for one more “swim”. After that, we packed up, rinsed off, and got back in the car headed for home. Not the longest of beach trips, but enough for me. In the car Ant said “I was only at the actual beach for 20 min and that was enough for me.” Those are my feelings exactly! Some people just aren’t “beach” people and I’m not ashamed of it either. Next year I think we’ll stick with amusement parks and swimming pools and be much happier for it!
I’m not the only beach hater am I?
What is your WORST vacation story? 

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P.S. Ant wanted me to assure you that he does own something other than a green t-shirt.
(I think he has a blue one. lol)

One thought on “Snapshot Sunday (Wednesday edition) – Virginia Beach

  1. No way! We just spent 10 days at VA Beach for our vacation! Small World =) Lyla was terrified of the helicopters too. No matter where she was she would sprint to me whenever she heard them coming, cling to my leg for a minute, & then go about her business.

    I kind of agree with you about the beach. I love the view of the beach, but would choose a pool over the beach any day. It helped that we went with "locals" who had all the appropriate gear & had their routines down.

    I really enjoy that area. Glad you guys were able to have a little getaway.

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