Book-Worm Wednesday – Doodle Stitching

This week’s book is…

Doodle Stitching
Aimee Ray
Remember how I said I was on an embroidery kick? Well, it’s still going strong. I’m sure many of you have already come across this book, or it’s sister Doodle Stitching: The Motif Collection. (I haven’t been able to get my hands on that one, but I can’t wait!) Something about this style is really appealing to me. Maybe it is the fact that is doesn’t have that “stuffy” or “old lady” feeling that a lot of embroidery has, or maybe it’s just the supper cute images she shares, I don’t know, but I love it.
The first chapter goes over the normal “how to” stuff that you find in most embroidery books. Things like essential tools, choosing and transferring a design, stabilizing the fabric, and how to finish it off when you’re done. There is also a section on 17 of the most basic embroidery stitches, and how to create them. And once you’ve got all those figured out, she also shows you how to add appliques and beads.

There are 29 different project ideas in this book, so I’m just gonna share a sampling of my favorites with you. I don’t want to post pictures because then you could copy the pattern from my picture, and all that which I’m not gonna try to promote. (Even though you know I’ve totally done it before myself. For shame! ; ) Just take a look at the images customers have shared on the amazon page so I can keep a clear conscience.

My favorites are the…

Felt Forest Critters – little owl and raccoon stuffies (Too Cute!)
Bohemian Tunic – She adds a fun edging around a store bought top (I’ve always loved those.)
Spring Step Shoes – Embroidered Converses. Nuf said.
Wooden Pin Cushion – A little wood-grained “stump” with handmade leaf and ladybug pins
Night Sky Bookmarks – clouds and stars stitched on paper bookmarks
Sweet Dreams Baby Pillow – A curled up sleeping bunny surrounded by stars and vines (Adorable.)

I’m giving this book ☆☆☆stars. You should definitely check it out either at your library or local bookshop. I’m holding back the 3rd star because I’m the type who just wants to see the embroidery patterns. Although some of the projects are cute, if I did use one of the patterns, it probably wouldn’t be in the suggested way anyhow, so you might as well squish as many of those cute little pictures into one book as possible. From what I”ve read, that is essentially what the second book is all about, so I’m positive I’ll love that one too. (Please return it person at my library!)

The author also has a website and blog that you might want to check out.
I especially like this piece of her art.

Happy Reading!
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